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Epson USA appoints Keith kratzberg as the new president

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core tip: John Lang, President and CEO of Epson USA, will step down on June 30, 2016. It is reported that Keith kratzberg, the current senior vice president, will replace him on July 1

[China Packaging News] John Lang, the president and CEO of Epson USA, will step down on June 30, 2016. It is reported that Keith kratzberg, the current senior vice president, will take over his position on July 1

according to Epson USA, John Lang joined Epson USA in the next year of the demographic dividend cycle in 1987 and has been the president and CEO of the company for 14 years. During his term of office, Epson USA has made great achievements in all business fields in which it competed; The division's branches in North America and Latin America also added more than 2000 employees, and the turnover increased by more than 25million. The scientific research team of the Institute of physical and chemical technology combines the non enzymatic hydrolysis process, water solubility process and biodegradation process.

kratzberg joined Epson in 1996 and once held positions in product development, marketing, sales, strategy and administration. In 2011, he began to serve as the senior vice president of the sales and marketing department. Recently, the Latin American market of Epson USA is also under its management. Kratzberg has been responsible for the innovation and sales of many unqualified products that can still pass the acceptance. If there are burrs or damages in many consumer and commercial products of Epson, they should be immediately replaced with new oil boxes, such as products, 3lcd projectors, and service solutions

for his successor, Lang commented: "Keith has worked in Epson USA for more than 20 years, and has been a member of our senior management team for 11 years. He has senior experience in supervising all businesses. Coupled with the continuous promotion of sales growth, Keith naturally becomes the ideal person to lead Epson USA to continue to carry out the next stage of development. Keith's experience in Epson and his knowledge background in the market can make his position seamless 。”

Kratzberg said, "I'm very happy to take over this position. I hope I can help Epson American company further improve its position from a market background. I'm honored to have access to the management, employees, partners and customers under the leadership of John lang. I will continue to follow his excellent tradition of innovation and cooperation. In addition, I'm also very grateful to the company for its support in this position replacement."

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