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Epson launched a new product LS20 of horizontal multi joint robot, which can increase the handling weight to 20kg

Seiko Epson has added a new product LS20 with a handling weight of 20kg to the LS series of robots (horizontal multi joint robot) in the industrial SCARA, which is suitable for assembly, handling and other operation automation purposes. It is mainly composed of a rack, a ball screw, an upper beam, an electronic universal tension machine, how to repair the middle beam and a workbench. Orders for this product have been accepted in Japan since March 28, 2016

ls series robots have launched models that can handle 3kg and 6kg. This time, by adding 20kg models, heavy objects and multiple workpieces can be handled at the same time. It is envisaged to be used for the handling of electronic equipment components, automotive electrical components, as well as the assembly and handling of engine components

ls20 has four models, including LSS with 800mm arm length and ls20-a04s with 1000mm arm length, as well as LSC and ls20-a04c corresponding to the two standard models of dust-free room (conforming to ISO class 4 standard). In terms of fuselage weight, the lss/804c with 800mm arm length is 47kg, and the ls20-a04s/a04c with 1000mm arm length is 50kg. Lss/804c is 0.42 seconds and ls20-a04s/a04c is 0.45 seconds in terms of the cycle time when the workpiece weighing 2kg is transported back and forth 300mm in the horizontal direction and 25mm in the vertical direction

in terms of price, 2. Surface effect: standard models LSS and ls20-a04s are 1.7 million yen (excluding tax), and clean room models LSC and ls20-a04c are 1.9 million yen (excluding tax). The controller uses the general controller rc90 of the (3) cooling effect column robot of the system. (: Yoshida)

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