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Equiinet Xu Tingting: you have a different understanding from him

you were entangled by various meetings on Monday morning, and it was noon after the next meeting. Pick up, see n unreturned messages, reply one by one honestly. Seeing one of W's and missed the call, she and I have no business relationship, but they are former neighbors and will occasionally have afternoon tea together. Her daughter will occasionally consult me about studying abroad, because I have been in the UK and understand the local conditions and customs and school rankings there. I called her back and she wanted to ask me for a little help. Because she and a friend I introduced to her had some trouble communicating, I hope I can help mediate. The friend L I introduced to her is my college classmate when I was studying in the UK, and also a close brother. He is simple and honest, and works reliably. At present, he has opened his own study abroad consulting company in the UK. As w needs to find a professional study abroad company for her daughter, I recommended my brother

you and he have different perceptions

after listening to w's brief introduction, I began to understand that the contradiction between her and him actually lies in cognitive habits, which can only be attributed to the different ways of thinking of men and women, as well as the different business cultures of China and Britain

a year ago, w asked l to help her apply for school. L thought it was because I introduced my past friends that I should give more services and better prices; Because of my trust endorsement, w paid l the corresponding fee after contacting l without signing any agreement. Later, due to personal reasons such as the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, Taizhou kaiercai industry exchange and cooperation promotion meeting, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the docking meeting of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities, W, the child's school applied, but it needed to be postponed for a year to go abroad, so the matter came to an end temporarily

this year, when the conditions for children to go abroad are ripe, this matter has been put on the agenda again. W once again asked l to help him apply for several good schools. L gave a formal quotation this time. The problem is, when l just started his business last year, he gave me a special discount because he looked at the face of his acquaintances. This year, he set up his own overseas study consulting company. The service system is more perfect, and the cost also increases. Of course, the price will rise. But w thinks that after only one year, all the services are the same. Why has the price doubled? Therefore, it is unacceptable

another contradiction is that although children eventually go to a private school, they need to submit applications to multiple schools. Therefore, the cost of time and energy consumed is far greater than that of one school. These hidden costs are included in this year's pricing. This pricing strategy is in line with the basic national conditions of Britain. Because in Britain, people's time is very valuable, and they are paid by the hour. As an old capitalist country, the business culture there is: since you spend other people's time and energy, you need to pay accordingly, so that it is fair. Over time, the expectations of those who receive returns will also be there

do as the Romans do in Greece female boss

this reminds me of a small example. I remember when I was working in the UK during the summer vacation, I met a Greek female boss who sold high-end women's clothes. She was very nice. Once, she needed to go on a business trip for a day. I hope I can help take care of her daughter on Sunday. Her daughter is 10 years old and doesn't need to take care of her at all. She just plays with her for a day. Before leaving, the female boss also helped to order lunch takeout for Chinese food, leaving me an envelope with 40 pounds and a thank-you note inside. She pays me by the hour, 5 pounds an hour, 40 pounds for eight hours. And I think she's very nice. She often teaches me things at work on weekdays. I just spend a day with her daughter. It's purely personal help. I can't ask for this money. She didn't take it. Later, when she saw me the next day, she simply stuffed the envelope into me and said that I deserved it and must take it. Well, follow her in Rome and do as the Romans do, and I'll take it. In retrospect, I think this is caused by cognitive differences. She believes that she has taken up my valuable private time and must be compensated. And I think she's nice and I'm willing to help

cognition in the Western brain

my classmate L, who has been in the UK for 14 years, has completely westernized his thought. His standard for measuring this matter is: his company is opened in the UK, and the labor cost in the UK is very expensive. At the same time, he applies to several schools. Even if only one school admits children, the energy and time consumed need to be included in the cost. At the same time, the pricing cost of a single person last year is completely different from the cost of starting a company this year. Therefore, he believes that the price increase this year is reasonable

cognition in the head of Chinese people

when the child's mother w recognized this matter, she thought that less than a year later, the price doubled, and she felt very uneconomical. At the same time, in the end, the child only chooses to go to one school, so there is no need for her to pay for the application work of several schools in the early stage. After all, as a study abroad intermediary, it is necessary to apply for children in batches. W is in China. In China, the market is competitive, the market is prosperous, and the competition is fierce. Customers are God and grandpa. Businesses need to make a lot of efforts to get a good customer, such as the product is hard enough, the service is good enough, the response is timely enough, and the price is cheap enough. The current fierce market competition in China has promoted the development of the free market in disguise and accelerated the development of the country, which is a good thing. But it also makes many enterprises overwhelmed. In order to meet the needs of the market and win more customers for the company, working day and night and working overtime has simply become the norm. (if China changes to hourly pay, it's time for start-ups to pour out a batch, because they simply can't afford high labor.) Therefore, in China, if you add sunk costs and opportunity costs to your product pricing strategy, then the pricing must be on the high side. And customers don't care how much effort you spend. They only care about the result, only about the value or not

see the essence, let's reconcile

later, I sent a few voice messages to L, who is far away in the UK, and helped them understand the cognitive differences between Chinese and British business culture, so that they can think more about each other from the perspective of each other. Recognize the core problem is: children should go to school on time this year. In order to achieve this goal, each step back, compromise a price, and achieve each other's expectations

double harvest

through this case, my feeling is: to make products, we must do as the Romans do. If it is made in China, in addition to the product must be hard, the body shape should also be as soft as possible. Because when the homogeneity of product quality and price is serious, only service can be distinguished. The better the service, the more satisfied the customer is, the better the business will be. The more timely you respond to customers, the better the customer relationship, and the better the business. He is naturally grateful for your consideration for customers. Of course, this is not absolute. If your product doesn't work, this is usually said to be slippery or the customer's expectation is too high, which will cause the above formula to fail

curious children in the business world

in the business world, although I am still young, I really think it is very interesting. I feel that the business world is like a big castle, in which there are many doors, but they are locked. You need to use different keys to open each door and get the truth bar on the desk in the room to complete cognitive upgrading. Different keys correspond to different skills. The bar of truth is the only way to open cognitive upgrading step by step. I'm looking forward to opening these doors one by one, learning more truth and seeing the more beautiful scenery outside the window

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