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Epson will launch the first digital photo frame printer in China

recently, Epson launched a Picturemate in Japan, which integrates digital photo frame and photo printing. This cross-border product integrates the functions of browsing and printing high-quality photos, providing users with great convenience. Epson emphasized the positioning of this cross-border product of digital photo frame and printer. It looks like a fashionable digital product, not a computer peripheral product

from the Japanese official, Epson Picturemate is equipped with a 7-inch, high-resolution digital photo frame. It also provides 12 slide show modes, which can be remotely controlled through the remote control when browsing. In the process of browsing, if you see the photo you want, just press the remote control gently to print out the photo. It is reported that in addition to ordinary 6-inch photos, it can also print large stickers, Disney magic board photos, black-and-white, antique and other personalized printing modes. Epson Picturemate experimental machine needs to be unloaded, test pieces need to be repositioned, and Epson Claria series inks are used. The printed photos are light resistant, oxygen resistant, and can be stored for a long time

Epson Picturemate can support a variety of connection methods, such as USB interface, memory card slot, etc., and can also be equipped with Bluetooth adapter to support wireless connection

it is reported that this Epson picturemateshow will soon be on the domestic market, which is a product worthy of the expectation of trendy people who like fashionable digital gadgets

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