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Ericsson mobile report: China will dominate the global LTE data market

on June 4, 2014, Ericsson announced the latest mobility report on Tuesday, saying that it is expected that between now and 2019, with the support of the growth of smart subscribers, the total mobile data traffic will increase tenfold

the report predicts that the growth rate of smart subscribers is expected to reach four times that of total mobile subscribers during this period, and it predicts that the growth rate of total global LTE network subscribers will reach 13 times. The main arguments of this report include: the global intelligent penetration rate will grow rapidly, the coverage of LTE network will expand rapidly, and the subsequent global mobile data traffic will increase significantly

according to the statistics of Ericsson, the total number of global LTE network subscribers in 2013 was about 200million, and this number is expected to reach 2.6 billion by 2019. In the global LTE, an eye-catching brand-new product line, which can eventually meet the demand for spray free parts, the proportion of subscribers from China is expected to increase day by day. By 2019, in addition to paying attention to the quality of spare parts, the proportion will exceed one quarter, that is, about 700million

Patrick cerwall, head of strategic marketing at Ericsson, said that China will increasingly dominate the global mobile market. He pointed out that by 2019, the total amount of data generated by spring tension clamps created by Chinese LTE network subscribers will be higher than the total amount of global data today. He also stressed that, like users' attitude towards many other technologies, their desire for bandwidth is likely to never be satisfied; At the same time, video streaming services will continue to dominate the use of mobile data

one of the main driving forces behind the growth of China Mobile (Weibo) market is the rapid increase of smart users in China in the past few years. In recent years, Chinese consumers have rapidly shifted from functions to smart electronic and electrical appliances with strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic properties, which has promoted the penetration rate of smart in the Chinese market to a level equivalent to that in many Western markets; At the same time, due to its huge population base, China should continue to dominate the global mobile market in the foreseeable future

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