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Equiinet – our values and sense of mission

what will you do when you are injured and frustrated? Is it silence or counterattack? Escape, or catch up

everyone may choose different ways due to their different natures. And my first reaction is: silence, I just want to stay quietly, slowly waiting for recovery. Until later, I found a kind of therapy called: to cure everything with growth

you are far more fragile than you think, and far stronger than you think.

in the past three years, I have experienced a more painful period of life. The closest person has an accident, but I can't do anything about it; For the first time, I started my business alone and stumbled forward. The dual pressure from relatives and entrepreneurship leads to the body's stress response, which is manifested in the form of skin allergy. Then I was impatient and overtreated, lengthening the recovery period. This once again brings pressure to the psychology, so repeatedly, into an unbreakable dead cycle. There was a hard time. I felt that the whole world was gray, colorless and meaningless. Since then, my social activities have plummeted and began to become all kinds of curtilage

I'm not a person who likes to talk to my friends around me, so I'm silently next to myself, fighting a tough battle with myself for years

finally, about the common faults encountered: Yu, after suffering for nearly three years, ushered in a glimmer of victory. I can't help feeling that life is so changeable that everything will pass. When encountering difficulties, perhaps the only thing we can do is to silently stand by and wait for the turn of fate. The only thing you can't give up is hope for the future

change what you can and give up what you can't. This is what a wise elder told me. When I was young, I couldn't fully understand this sentence. But when something happened to my family and I was unable to help at all, I deeply realized that we were so small that we could not change the maximum load of this uncontrollable world

at that time, I was very anxious and always wanted to do something. But no amount of anxiety is in vain, because I can't help at all. Perhaps what I can do is to do a good job of myself, take good care of the company, manage my health, and then wait quietly, waiting for things to turn around.

later, I shifted my focus to what I can do, but to choose the appropriate range of strength and size control for my company's products

it's under my control to do a good job in the company, so invest time and energy to do it well. If you can't go to school, fight for opportunities, try to solve problems, and don't be afraid of mistakes. Pay tuition fees. Courage should be a must for entrepreneurs. Where can there be so much good luck

in order to run the company better and learn more management and business experience, I forced myself to write double check notes. Systematically internalize some knowledge and turn it into a daily thinking model. Also because I want to write good double check notes, I force myself to read and study, read different kinds of books, and learn courses that I think are useful

at the beginning, the voices of friends and even family members often ring in your ears: what's the use of learning so much? At that time, I always have doubts. But then a dream saved me, which may be a kind of self redemption from the depths of my heart. I remember one night, I dreamed of a voice saying to me: don't worry about so many books. One day, you will understand everything. Then you will understand that everything is meaningful and do it well. Later, I no longer doubt that through continuous learning, I developed a learning ability, which can be regarded as a skill acquired in recent years. Lifelong learning has become my new goal. In my eyes, the world begins to restore its original color, and life has rekindled the fire of hope for me

in difficult days, quiet solitude has given me a steady stream of motivation. I also began to understand that the real pain is something you can't vent or get rid of. The only thing you can do is to be yourself, live in the moment, and wait for a turn for the better

I remember when I started my business, I didn't know health management. I was always too tired after work. I ate something casually and fooled myself. I felt full. In this way, after a period of time, no one is continuous and fully automatic. After getting up every day, I feel very tired. In addition, I am overworked, my physical strength is overdrawn, and my immunity drops rapidly, so I am very easy to catch a cold. In retrospect, I'm quite angry with myself and feel particularly stupid

when I reflected, it was two years later. Fortunately, it was not too late. I began to pay attention to physical health, cell nutrition, understand my genetic defects, and slowly found out a set of health therapies of my own. In the past half a year, it is obvious that the body resistance has returned to the original level. This should have a lot to do with reasonable diet and reasonable rest planning. Now I get up every morning, start working at 9 o'clock, and get off work at about 7 o'clock in the evening, five days a week. I have no sense of burnout at all. After work, you can read books, study for an hour or two, or go to the gym for exercise. Colleagues in the company caught a cold and were wiped out. I was the only one who stood firm

it turns out that the body wants us to listen to its voice, eat suitable food, drink enough water, ensure cellular nutrition, plan our work and rest reasonably, learn to release pressure, and exercise regularly. The body will reward you with health and stability

at present, the company has entered the period of steady development from the start-up period, and the body has gradually adapted to the long-time and high-intensity work schedule, and remains stable. Next, the only difficulty I need to overcome is skin allergy. I think my previous negligence led to the repeated attacks of allergy. Once you carefully look for the law and listen to its voice, you can find a complete cure. I believe in the resilience of the body

I chatted with a friend last Friday. I agree with him very much: one should give full play to his advantages to make up for his shortcomings. He gave an example: he is a person who has no concept of money in life and does not know how to manage money, so he tries to make money to make up for his shortcomings. Then, with a monthly income of 100000, he didn't think it would be too expensive to spend 20000 to travel abroad. For me, his idea is also a cure for everything with growth. Work hard on open source and don't waste time on throttling

the ups and downs of life is actually a common thing. It's just that when we are happy, we don't care too much, and when we are in pain, we pay extra attention, which leads to our fresh memories of the painful experience

facing the trough of life, get over it and climb over the snow mountain. Maybe the other side of the snow mountain is the grassland you have been looking forward to for a long time. As long as you believe you can, there's nothing you can't do

using growth to cure everything may also be a kind of life therapy. If you don't accept your fate or advice, you dare to say to fate: I don't. And then walk towards the lighthouse in your heart without hesitation

may the brave and tenacious child live in your heart and my heart forever

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