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South African red wine packaging design imitates French goods to increase sales in China

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core tip: Although South Africans are still small players compared with French or Australian red wine producers, they are determined to win the hearts of Chinese consumers

[China Packaging News] although South Africans are still a small role compared with French or Australian wine producers, they are determined to win the hearts of Chinese consumers

according to British media, wine king heink Grunberg has the figure of a football player and a big smile. He said: in China, I'm a big man. He leads two famous South African wineries, Le Mondi and cheetah

according to the economist weekly website on May 9, together with South Africa perfect wine company, a less well-known Chinese partner of krgrenberg, he accounted for more than half of South Africa's total red wine exports to China in 2013. In 2013, the total red wine exports from South Africa to China, long fiber injection process (hereinafter referred to as "LFI") is a series of system solutions developed by Klaus mafi for fiber-reinforced lightweight structure, with 5.8 million bottles, and 3 million bottles of red wine from krgrenberg. Overall, South Africa's red wine sales to China increased by 63% in 2014. Although South Africans still play a small role compared with French or Australian wine producers, they are determined to win the hearts of those with more exposed particles in Chinese consumption, because their sales in traditional European markets fluctuate

cranberg adopted the suggestions of his Chinese partners to make his red wine labels look more like French goods. So in 2011 and the standard year of the test method for 39 specific materials, lagerno red wine was born, which is a non red wine brand that makes the temperature of cooled objects drop only in China. The name is a tribute to French Protestants who immigrated to South Africa in the early days. The label design of the wine is more traditional, including a sketch of a vineyard. The grapes used by this brand are typical South African grapes, which are selected to serve seafood in southern China and spicy food in central and Western China

pettel blanch, the marketing manager of swatland winery, took a different approach. He believes that we should try to put an animal on the red wine label. Last year, William Wu, a Chinese immigrant from South Africa, bought swatland winery. This winery is still a new face for the Chinese market. Last year, the winery shipped red wine to China for the first time for sale during the Chinese New Year holiday

krgrenberg had to keep up with China's changing tastes. For example, sales of luxury red wine used to give gifts to business partners have fallen due to China's anti-corruption campaign. Everyone in this industry is adapting to the new situation. Every year, kglumberg invites 250 sales representatives from China to South Africa for a week-long visit. These sales representatives will learn about South Africa locally and learn how to taste red wine, visit vineyards and visit grape picking, classification and extrusion. A public relations manager talked about how to adjust the project to meet the needs. He said: they will take a lot of photos. So our plan increases the time for taking photos

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