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Sosco electronic access control system helps medical institutions improve security

Hong Kong, China (August 21, 2012) the United States' health insurance circulation and act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes Oxley Act (Sarbanes Oxley) and other relevant regulations and policies put forward strict requirements for patient privacy protection. In recent years, China has also vigorously promoted the work of electronic medical records in the medical industry. In October 2010 and January 2011, the National Health Department issued the "pilot work plan of electronic medical records" and the "functional specification of electronic medical records system", which clearly stipulated the relevant security functions. All these reflect China's high attention to strengthening the construction of information standards and information security system, as well as the increasingly strict provisions on the protection of patients' privacy. At the same time, China's regulatory policies on equipment and drug control are also constantly improving, and medical institutions are also paying more and more attention to clarifying the relevant security of medical staff, which makes medical institutions pay more and more attention to security capabilities, and there is an urgent need for a strict security system and a perfect regulatory system to ensure safety

however, it is not easy for medical institutions to implement the protection of patient information. Since medical staff with different functions can read these information, medical institutions must have sound norms and security systems to protect information from theft or unauthorized access. Modern technology also enables these patient information to be read by different medical devices, such as medical workstation computers, tablet computers, mobile electronic devices and other portable digital medical devices. The demand for these devices with great convenience and efficiency and in line with the trend of medical electronization has shown explosive growth in recent years, and it is a general trend to be widely used in the medical field in the future

this type of device is equivalent to a special computer. Through continuous improvement, it can achieve more automation functions, including greater capacity, and the functions of collecting, analyzing and storing medical data. It can also integrate and connect with other different medical devices and it systems to realize medical data sharing. Therefore, more reliable security measures are needed to strengthen the guarantee

in terms of ensuring controlled drugs, medical institutions need to bear great pressure. In addition to medical institutions, manufacturers, dealers, pharmacies and other retailers are faced with the problem of how to protect these items. Some items will be transported back and forth through daily use drug delivery vehicles and delivery vehicles. In order to ensure safety more effectively, medical institutions will stipulate rules and regulations requiring medical staff to be responsible for mastering the use and inventory of drugs, blood and other controlled substances

the technical products developed by sosco, the world's leading supplier of Engineering entry solutions for the medical industry, including locks, fasteners, hinge/positioning control technology, electronic access control solutions, have successfully combined the reliability of the products, the simplicity of installation and the convenience of operation, which can not only simplify the security protection operating system of assets, but also carry out real-time dynamic tracking of all incoming and outgoing information, Its products have been accounted for by Siemens Medical, Olympus, Mindray and Delger medical, but the import volume has rebounded significantly; Among them, the United States ranks first, which is adopted by many global leading manufacturers, which can meet the requirements of the regulatory system of the medical industry

in the face of these problems, medical institutions can use electronic lock system to monitor all access and keep these records, so that the whole process can be documented, so as to achieve more perfect monitoring and tracking management. Suppliers of medical security system can cooperate with the security strategy of medical institutions to help them establish a layered security network and provide relevant application products, so as to provide a complete set of security system solutions for medical institutions. Not only that, its security function must be integrated with current technology, but also be able to be rugged and flexible to obtain functional expansion to meet future technical needs

sosco electronic access control system can meet the needs of higher security, and can also be remotely monitored through network connection to meet the requirements of specifications. Electronic access control system can solve key management problems, such as the distribution, storage and replacement of keys and locks. Whether it is the setting or change of the user's access rights, or the addition or deletion of keyboard codes, electronic keys, induction cards, biometrics or other RF authentication, the update can be completed quickly and easily through the remote system

sosco electronic access control system combines sosco's core mechanical latch Technology (hereinafter referred to as EML). EML can be controlled by various access control devices such as independent keyboard, fully connected sensor card or biometric fingerprint system. EML is also compatible with the existing building security access control system, allowing the retention of the whole or part of the existing system, which can save a lot of costs for medical institutions planning to add or replace equipment. The electronic access control sends a confirmation signal to the monitoring system every time it switches and records this signal

however, the function of the electronic access control solution is not only to provide simple switch information. According to the customer's settings, the electronic access control system can also provide more specific data, such as: distinguishing and confirming the certificate driving the EML, the time and duration of starting the switch, and whether the opening method is electronic or mechanical (if it is impossible to reasonably explain why the mechanical lock will replace the electronic lock operation, it may be regarded as illegal entry). When a safety accident occurs, these access information reports can be used to track the whole process of the incident

eml can also synchronously start one or more security cameras or other security devices. For example, after the EML of the medicine cabinet is driven and turned on, it will send a signal to start the camera device in the storage room, so as to expand the scope and performance of the security network. In addition, EML is a concealed lock at the end of 1035, which can prevent the risk of being deliberately pried open, which is another major advantage of security. EML can adopt a variety of different latch mechanisms to meet the needs of various door/panel sizes, power requirements and security levels, and can use different drive technologies such as electromagnets and gear motors. Compared with the electromagnet drive system, the gear motor drive lock has less power consumption and higher load capacity, and has become the preferred solution for many applications. The electromagnet system is capable of many applications requiring less force, while the gear motor is particularly suitable for applications requiring higher driving force

when choosing an electronic access control solution, the key point to be considered is to ensure that it is changed to mechanical lock operation in case of power failure. Solutions include built-in key lock, remote control key lock or other keyboard access control series. Another alternative is to use a simple standby power supply to power the lock and access control system when the main power supply system is powered off. It can be a typical standby uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or because the main parameters touched by tips are polymer concentration, temperature and cooling rate, which are more important than the traditional film making method, and the connection port of the external battery. In some cases, as long as a 9V battery can be forcibly switched to operate the electronic access control system

electronic access control technology adds a lot of space for industrial design, and brings better security without affecting the design shape or operation function. The electronic lock system can be activated by low-voltage electronic signals, so product designers, engineers and manufacturers will no longer encounter various restrictions and space requirements in the installation of traditional lock systems. When starting the system, there is no need to rely on mechanically connected connecting rods or cables. Only an electronic control source is needed to start independent locking points. In addition, the innovative compact EML design can be installed in a drawer or closure in a narrow space. Engineers can also add functions such as touch switch and wireless remote control. The electronic access control scheme also meets the ergonomic design, so that users can open and close doors, drawers or panels without taking reasonable structural and functional design force. For example, an electronic switch is built into the handle of the portable X-ray machine, which can easily unlock the device from the fixed locking position

if you want to renovate or improve the safety performance of existing cabinets or closures, sosco's EML mechanical electronic lock is an ideal solution. For manufacturers, this will not only minimize changes in upgrading existing product lines, but also provide engineers with a wide range of electronic access control technology options

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