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The development strategy of packaging and printing enterprises (I)

since the reform and opening up, China has moved forward from a planned economy to a market economy, followed the law of market development, and made all aspects of China's comprehensive national strength get the attention of the world

At present, China has entered the WTO and participated in international cooperation. All walks of life have seen new development opportunities. A large number of pragmatic people in the packaging and printing industry first think of how to meet the challenges, how to occupy a place in the developing market, and how to develop their own work and beloved enterprises in the new competition. Now I will discuss my superficial understanding with people from all walks of life in packaging and printing enterprises, hoping to attract your attention

first, development is the last word

printing is one of the four great inventions in China. Our ancestors have made contributions to human progress. From the analysis of the current situation of China's printing industry, China has become a large printing country. However, due to various reasons, there is still a gap between us and the world's industrialized countries, which has not yet reached the advanced level of printing powers (there is a big gap between the self-sufficiency of packaging machinery and materials and the level of comprehensive management). We should see the gap, acknowledge the gap, be unwilling to fall behind, and seize the opportunity to do a better job in the systematic project of packaging and printing. Through continuous reform, innovation and development, we need to integrate with the world's advanced level as soon as possible, achieve mutual promotion and common improvement, gradually narrow the gap, move forward side by side, and occupy a certain share in the domestic and international market. We should realize that career is made by people and development is the last word

in the 21st century, people from all walks of life attach great importance to and care about the development of the packaging and printing industry. Some regions regard the packaging and printing industry as the key development industry in the region, cultivate it in a planned way, and gradually develop it into a pillar industry in the region. The packaging and printing industry is a scientific system engineering. We should work hard under the guidance of the thought that "development is the last word". In order to ensure the implementation of the idea that "development is the last word", five keys should be grasped in the construction of enterprises: training first-class employees, providing first-class services, contributing first-class products, striving for first-class collectives (enterprises), and achieving first-class double effects (economic and social benefits). Establish the ownership attitude of "the enterprise is its own enterprise" and "I am the owner of the enterprise". In order to ensure the development of the enterprise, the enterprise itself should have its own clear creed: survival by quality and development by reputation. Conscientiously implement the ISO9000 family standards (international standards), and conscientiously implement the "three according to production": according to the original (piece), according to the process, according to the standard (according to the contract)

the enterprise should make a public commitment to the society: if the quality does not meet the standard, the customer can reject it; Strictly implement the contract, complete it on time, and recognize the penalty for overtime

treat customers as hosts and provide round the clock service. Leave the problems to yourself and the convenience to customers. You should constantly summarize your work, reflect on your ability, improve in learning, and develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. Cherish your work, which is also love and respect yourself. Any work and position should be based on quality. Only when every employee and the small collective of the enterprise are done well can the enterprise have a solid foundation, prestige, market and efficiency. Otherwise, it can only achieve nothing and follow others. The printing industry is characterized by service, and packaging and printing are more prominent. Therefore, we should face the challenge of market economy and establish the concept of serving the society in concept, ideology and management. What society needs us to do, we should do; What customers need us to do, we will try our best to serve them well. Our disease is that some individual enterprises don't do it in a small number, can't do it in a large number, can't do it in a difficult way, and want to improve efficiency. Such good things can't all fall to their own enterprises. We should establish a new concept of development in service. We should correctly understand that "development is the last word". It is not only a slogan, but also has real connotation. If the leaders and employees of every enterprise carefully understand and implement it, the enterprise will be recognized in the society and develop further on the basis of social recognition

second, strengthen the training of professional talents

President Jiang Zemin delivered an important speech at the Symposium of the special research class of major leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels on "the international situation and the world are the accumulation organization of data in a short time", emphasizing that talents are the key to do a good job in dealing with all kinds of work after China's accession to the WTO. We should further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and technology and vigorously cultivate high-quality talents in all aspects. While generally improving the level of national education and culture, we should strengthen the training of professionals, especially those who are proficient in WTO rules. The work of cultivating specialized talents must be urgently grasped

education is the foundation of manufacturing enterprises. Our packaging and printing industry enterprises should establish the concept of lifelong education for all employees. The society is advancing, and the requirements for services will be higher and higher. It is not enough to only stay for a certain period of time. Talent training should be matched with the needs of social development, otherwise the enterprise will have insufficient stamina, lack of driving force, and sooner or later will be eliminated by the developing market

talent training in various professional schools is a very important aspect, but it is not enough. The enterprise is the place where all kinds of talents can be used, and the positions are also multifaceted and different. Cultivating people through the front line of the enterprise and improving the comprehensive quality of personnel is an important way to cultivate talents with a total refining capacity of 130 million tons/year. The so-called "learning by doing, learning by doing" cooperate with each other. All kinds of professionals who really meet the needs of the society are formed in repeated work practice, continuous learning, continuous exploration, continuous summary and continuous improvement, and only such personnel are professionals with real talents and practical learning, and are the indispensable backbone of packaging and printing enterprises. Every leader, worker and post of an enterprise must establish the concept of lifelong learning and work, and learn by stages according to the needs of work, and constantly improve their comprehensive quality, so as to meet the needs of the market and enterprise development

with talents, a leader must also be able to employ people

The printing industry, like other industries, cannot live and develop without people, finance, materials, supply, production and marketing in the process of all production activities

all activities in our society (including the printing industry) are carried out according to the predetermined goals through human activities, and efforts are made to ensure that their goals are achieved. Our enterprise, with smooth supply, stable production and in place service, works entirely through people; The increase of financial resources and material wealth are also the result of people's hard work, so we can conclude that people play a decisive role in the development of enterprises. We should first focus on the decisive factor of "people" and further explore it. As we all know, harmony is the foundation of our career development. The development of human potential can promote all kinds of work and enable computers to realize all functions, carry out data processing and analysis, print experimental results, and use fast and effective processes such as compression molding and injection molding to transform them into final component development, so as to create infinite wealth. It is important for people to make wealth grow from nothing and cause business from small to large. But some of us, in the face of this popular truth, think that everyone understands it, but doing it is another matter. In particular, the leaders of enterprises should pay attention to this problem. While training personnel, they should be able to use people, use good people, and make the best use of people. (to be continued)

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