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Sony's new network HD video security camera shocked release

in order to meet the increasingly urgent needs of users to realize the loading and unloading of samples, Sony officially released the latest product of its sixth generation network HD video security camera (G6) on December 6. Relying on Sony's leading image processing technology, the new product can provide clearer pictures and better low illumination sensitivity, providing an ideal choice for users in cities, transportation, commerce and so on

the new video security cameras released by Sony this time include V and E Series:

V series covers snc-vb640, snc-vb642d, snc-vm641 and snc-vm642r, and E series covers snc-eb640, snc-eb642r, snc-em641 and snc-em642r. All the new products can achieve 1080p/60 frames, have high sensitivity and view Dr functions, and support audio, SD card, easy focusing and Poe power supply. At the same time, the vehicle body structure of the V-series new car will be based on the "carbon core" technology transferred from BMW I series hybrid models, support ac24v/dc12v power supply, and have alarm input/output function

with excellent lenses, image processors and sensors, the G6 new product inherits Sony's powerful gene in the field of image processing. Compared with the traditional security cameras in the market, its image capture ability is greatly improved, and the clearer and more informative images effectively enhance the accuracy of video monitoring

thanks to Sony's unique Exmor r CMOS sensor and xdnr dynamic noise reduction technology, the noise and residual image control level of the new camera has been greatly improved, and can reach the low illumination level of 0.006lux (30ire) * and 0.01LUX (50ire) *. The establishment of this new laboratory in China under extremely low light will significantly improve our overall service effectiveness to customers in China and the Asia Pacific region; It can also promote the developed new products to the market conditions faster. The ultra-high sensitivity ensures the stability and accuracy of color, which is very conducive to the image recognition of monitoring personnel. With the increasingly strong market demand for urban night monitoring, Sony's low illumination sensitivity technology will have an increasingly prominent market potential

when using V series products in a dark environment, the monitor can capture images of objects within 100 meters, and the monitoring range using E series can also reach 60 meters. At the same time, Exmor r sensor with powerful built-in IR components enables the new product to take IR images without overexposure

in order to meet the actual needs of users for a long time, Sony has greatly enhanced the performance of its new products, especially the dual audio and local SD card recording functions for the E series. E series supports cost-effective remote internal communication and audio recording; The SD card can be backed up when the network is paralyzed. Once the flexible and powerful self-defined method of test method cannot be accessed, it has various control modes, such as constant speed, positioning displacement, constant air force, constant air force rate, constant stress, constant stress rate, constant strain, constant strain rate, and so on. The network will start local recording until the network is restored. Flexible and reliable performance will free video surveillance personnel from worries

while greatly improving the image quality, the new series retains the existing user interface and video management software, which users can use quickly

as the core of Sony's video security business, it is our bounden duty to provide higher quality images. Qixiaobo, product manager of Sony China professional systems group's video security marketing department, said that this is why Sony continues to invest in technology research and development to meet the needs of the market. The new generation of G6 series products put the improvement of image effect under low illumination in the first place at the beginning of design. With rich functions, our customers can improve the use experience and achieve accuracy and speed in monitoring operations

the new product is expected to be launched in March 2017

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