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"Source + flowing water" outlines the context of Tongxiang glass fiber industry

in September this year, a research report released by a securities institution in Hong Kong gave an evaluation of China's glass fiber that "the prosperity of the beneficiary industry has improved steadily, and the performance continues to grow rapidly". The report quoted JEC (the global authority on composite materials) as predicting that the average annual demand growth rate of the glass fiber industry will reach 9.35% from 2011 to 2012

with the further expansion of the application scope of global glass fiber materials, the prosperity of the glass fiber industry has increased, and the product supply has gradually tightened. The price rise of global glass fiber products has also become the consensus of the industry. Under the guidance of Jushi group, the leading enterprise of the base, Tongxiang glass fiber industry, with the improvement of Yushi, Germany BASF and polylactic acid enterprise symposium held in Changchun to provide flow services and widely expand downstream application fields, Grasp the golden period of development and weave a world-renowned glass fiber industry network

Jushi: strong at the source

when I first came to Tongxiang glass fiber export base, I was shocked by the continuous "blue ocean". I never imagined that the place I stepped on was the world's leading enterprise of glass fiber, the professional manufacturer of glass fiber, and the 500000 square meter annual 600000 ton glass fiber production base of Jushi group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China's glass fiber. This "blue ocean" is also the strong source of the glass fiber industry and the production of glass fiber raw materials in Tongxiang City

as the world's largest glass fiber manufacturer, Jushi group mainly produces medium alkali and non alkali glass fibers and their products. Its main products include: medium alkali and non alkali glass fiber Twistless roving, chopped strand, continuous felt, knitted composite felt and chopped strand, emulsion and powder chopped strand, checkered cloth and other reinforced glass fiber products, with a total of more than 20 categories and nearly 1000 specifications

in front of a world map with nearly 50 partnership projects under negotiation, the investment strategy Department of Jushi group introduced that in the domestic field of glass fiber in the world today, Jushi group is in a leading position in terms of scale, technology, market, efficiency and so on. The group has total assets of more than 15billion yuan, and the actual production capacity of glass fiber has reached 900000 tons. It has three domestic production bases in Tongxiang, Zhejiang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi and Chengdu, Sichuan. Its products are sold to nearly 30 provinces and cities across the country and nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, Jushi group has established overseas holding subsidiaries in more than 10 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, India, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, Japan and the United States, and has established overseas exclusive distributors in Germany, the United Kingdom and other places, with its marketing network reaching the world. In 2011, it was announced that a glass fiber tank furnace drawing production line with an annual output of 80000 tons would be built in Egypt, which widened the internationalization of Jushi

from the performance of so many varieties to the development and promotion of new applications, a strong talent team is needed. It is found that Jushi people are the unified identity of each employee of Jushi group. They integrate the core concept of corporate culture of "conduct, innovation, learning, passion and scope of application" and the brand of "Jushi". It is such an excellent core team that ensures Jushi's leading position in the world glass fiber industry

from an unknown small factory in China to the first in China, the first in Asia and the first in the world, Jushi has spent 15 years to embark on a path of transformation, upgrading and sustainable development through a leapfrog development strategy, which is also an epitome of the successful transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises in the past 20 years

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