The hottest Sony robot dog Aibo launched 2019 Spec

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Sony robot dog Aibo launches 2019 Special Edition

Sony robot dog Aibo launches 2019 Special Edition

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the original title scene switches to the 20 person workshop of Shandong innovation group: Sony robot dog Aibo launches 2019 Special Edition

[global science and technology comprehensive report] according to livedoorjanuary 23, Japan, Sony Corporation of Japan released AI robot pet dog "Aibo" in 2017. This year, the Aibo family added the 2019 Limited special version "choco", five of which are related to the current hot graphene edition ", and it is expected to officially start selling on February 1

at about 13:00 on the 23rd, Sony store online has begun to accept users' orders for Aibo robot pet dogs

"choco edition" 2019 special edition Aibo is painted in dark and light chocolate colors. This color matching design can not only highlight the cute of dogs, but also easily create a sense of closeness with people. 2019 special 29.42 other versions of Aibo have no change in price, and the price is still 198000 yen (about 1.2 yuan). In addition, Aibo robot pet dog will automatically update the program every month. (internship compilation: Ma Yan reviewer: Ma Li)


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