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The development trend and industry standard of communication power supply technology

communication power supply | voltage regulator accounts for a relatively small proportion in the whole communication industry, but it is the key infrastructure of the whole communication network and a complete and irreplaceable independent specialty in the communication network. It is also the most basic for power products. The development and change speed of product technology is also different from other communication products. There are many kinds of power products, including high-frequency switching power supply equipment, semiconductor rectifier equipment, DC DC module power supply, DC DC conversion equipment, inverter power supply equipment, AC and DC distribution equipment, AC voltage regulator, AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS), lead-acid battery Mobile communication handset battery, generator set, centralized monitoring system, etc. are mainly summarized into the following three aspects, and the development trend and standard research direction of these aspects of product technology are mainly introduced:

1. Power electronic equipment

at present, the rapid development of interconnection technology in the communication industry, and the power supply equipment supporting communication interconnection terminal equipment is also moving towards high-efficiency expansion, network management, full digital control The development direction of low current harmonic processing technology (green power supply)

(1) expansion of high efficiency

the continuous research, development, emergence and application of new high-performance devices have promoted the upgrading of power products, making the switching frequency of the power supply as high as 300~400khz, and the small power supply has achieved the switching frequency of 1MHz, improving the power density of the power supply, which plays an important supporting role in the progress and development of power technology

for example: insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), power field effect transistor (MOSFET), intelligent IGBT power module (IPM), MOS gate controlled thyristor (MCT), electrostatic induction transistor (SIT), over recovery diode, non inductive capacitor, non inductive resistor, new magnetic materials and transformers, EMI filter, etc

the research of soft switching technology and quasi resonant technology tends to be mature and stable. The representative new theories of circuit topology are resonant transformation, phase-shifting resonance, zero switching PWM, zero transition PWM, etc. the focus is to reduce the loss and noise caused by the overlap of voltage rise/fall and current rise/fall waveforms in the switching process of switching devices in the past hard switching mode when the power supply is turned on, and realize zero voltage/zero current switching, Reduce losses and improve the stability and efficiency of the power system

(2) networking management

with the increasing popularity of the application of interconnection technology and the continuous development of information processing technology, the communication system has developed from the previous single machine or brother domain system to the large local area system and wide area system, so the power supply equipment supporting the electronic switch of the communication interconnection terminal equipment must have the ability of data processing and communication, And to realize networking communication through RS232 interface, you must be able to complete the following functions:

∵ intelligent people also need to manually carry out the maintenance machine interface, so that network technicians can monitor the operation status of power equipment and various technical parameters at any time

∵ it has various protection, alarm and data information storage, processing, printing and other functions

∵ it has the function of remote switching, so that the network technician can switch the AC or standby power supply regularly

(3) full digital control

the environment of communication facilities is becoming more and more complex. Sparsely populated and inconvenient transportation have increased the difficulty of maintenance. Digital technology shows the advantages that traditional analog technology cannot achieve. For all control technologies in communication power supply, such as ac/dc integral voltage stabilization, dc/ac inverter, SPWM, synchronous phase locking, battery management, etc. With the introduction of microprocessors and monitoring software, the self-monitoring ability of the power supply is generally enhanced, which can monitor various operating parameters and states of the equipment itself in real time, and the early warning function and fault diagnosis function, effectively realizing the unattended and remote monitoring of the communication power equipment. The maintenance personnel can remotely observe the operating parameters and states of the power supply equipment. When there is a fault, the fault information can be reported in time, and the Fax, paging and other communication means to notify the personnel on duty to speed up the efficiency of troubleshooting. The full digital control technology can effectively reduce the volume of the power supply, reduce the cost, and greatly improve the reliability of the equipment and the adaptability to users

(4) low current harmonic processing technology

in the early stage of the development and production of communication power supply, people mainly focused on the output characteristics of the power supply and less considered the input characteristics of the power supply. For example, the input ac/dc part of the traditional power supply usually adopts the bridge rectifier filter circuit, whose input current is pulse like, the conduction angle is about π/3, and the crest factor is greater than 1.4 times of the pure resistance load. Due to the large use of the power supply with large harmonic current, it will bring serious pollution to the electricity, distort the wave shape, reduce the actual load capacity, especially for the three-phase four wire system, it will lead to excessive neutral line current and bring unsafe hidden dangers. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and safety in the network era, as well as the development of power

electronic technology and power devices, software harmonic processing technology is also gradually maturing and popularizing. It is imperative to adopt active harmonic processing technology in communication power supply, which can not only improve the load characteristics of power supply to electricity, reduce harmonic interference to other network equipment, but also greatly improve the source effect of power supply, Therefore, the communication power supply in the network era will gradually become a new generation of green power supply with low harmonic input

2. Battery equipment

battery is an energy storage device that converts electrical energy into chemical energy for storage, and then converts chemical energy into electrical energy when necessary. In the information society, high-tech electronic power supply equipment has been closely related to people's life, and the application of backup DC power supply is more and more widely. As an important part of backup DC power supply, the quality of battery is particularly important to ensure the normal operation of backup DC power supply. Therefore, the development of communication industry requires the power supply system to be reasonable, safe, stable and reliable after using the tensile testing machine for a period of time, which promotes the continuous development and updating of battery technology, improves the manufacturing process, ensures the stability and reliability of various technical indicators and performance of the battery, and increases the service life of the battery

(1) new curing and formation technology

curing is an important process in the production of VRLA batteries, which has a great impact on the initial capacity and life of batteries. The traditional curing process forms o2 H2O (3Bs), if the high temperature and paste technology at 800C is adopted, O2 (4BS) can be obtained. The battery made of 4BS has high capacity and long service life. The use of monitoring software in the formation process can improve the production efficiency and product quality of the formation process. The use of red lead can shorten the curing and formation time, make the curing easy to control, and improve the initial capacity and production efficiency without range setting requirements

(2) update of grid alloy process technology

traditional corrosion-resistant grids are not only complex in structure, but also prone to early capacity loss, positive electrode expansion, elongation and short service life, because it is difficult to combine lead paste with corrosion-resistant grids. Adding proper amount of trace elements to the grid alloy can greatly improve the performance of the grid. In the long run, the grid material and process technology should have three directions:

cooling the alloy, making the uniform mixture of all elements and greatly improving the corrosion resistance

light grid, with aluminum and copper as the substrate, coated with lead on the surface, or glass fiber, hot extruded and coated with lead tin alloy on the surface to become lead wire, and then woven into lead cloth as the grid

grid (the grid can be thinned). Due to the use of cold extrusion molding, the metal structure is much finer than that of gravity casting. The corrosion resistance is significantly improved in the evaluation of the implementation of industry plans and important policies, which increases the service life and production efficiency

(3) catalytic plug technology

lead acid batteries are mostly used in the communication industry in the floating charge state. The positive potential is very high, and the precipitation of oxygen is serious. The catalytic plug is placed on the upper end of the sealed battery, which complements the negative effect of the traditional oxygen recombination mechanism, that is, the oxygen released from the positive electrode is directly compounded, and this part of oxygen does not have to be recombined to the negative electrode, which reduces the depolarization burden of the negative electrode, and at the same time, the negative electrode emission is reduced, Water loss is reduced

with the continuous improvement and renewal of battery production process and raw materials, lead is still widely used in various fields in this century due to its rich resources, gradually mature process, wide application range and good reversibility. However, research on high-energy batteries, fuel cells (green energy), automation, intelligent technology and product technical standards will also be strengthened in China

3. Generator set

there is a certain difference between the development of domestic diesel generator set technology and the development of foreign unit technology. From the perspective of market share, domestic units are only 30% - 40%, and imported units occupy a certain important position in the domestic market at present. However, due to its small size, light weight, good mobility and little environmental pollution, the environmental friendly generator set gas turbine generator set has been developed and produced by enterprises in China. At present, it is being promoted for vehicle mobile communication base stations. The communication industry standard has also been formulated, approved, issued and implemented, and will be further developed in the field of communication in the future

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