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Sony successfully developed full HD professional OLED screen

Sony announced the development of Full HD professional OLED screen trimaterel, which can show pure blackness color, fast dynamic response speed and strong color restoration ability

trimaterel is divided into two models: 17 inch (bvm-e170) and 25 inch (bvm-e250). You can rest assured to know some relevant information. They will be listed on May 1 and July 1 this year, respectively, at the price of 1.3125 million yen (about 103000 yuan) and 2.415 million yen (about 190000 yuan) and save wood recyclable use yen (about 190000 yuan)

this professional display adopts a thin aluminum body design, with a thickness of 148mm. It is equipped with a newly developed OLED panel. Due to its self luminous characteristics, it can show dark colors. Sony's exclusive supertopemission technology enables it to have a high aperture ratio, which can effectively increase the luminosity of organic materials, improve luminous efficiency, and increase brightness

due to the rapid response advantage of OLED itself, it can eliminate the occurrence of dynamic aftereffects and other phenomena, and fast-moving sports programs can also be watched smoothly. Sony uses a processor to improve the luminescence of organic materials in the circuit board, which can make the color performance of the screen consistent, and enhance its long-term reliability through correction control and life improvement

the new screen adopts 10 bit color input. 5. Press the test button, the hammer breaks the sample, and after the pendulum stops swinging, write down the influence of energy at 1024 gray level, and the dynamic contrast is 1 million: 1, which can accurately realize the color restoration of the object. In addition, it has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, an up-down left-right angle of view of 89 degrees, and is equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort, 3g-sdi, sd-sdi, and HD-SDI interfaces

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