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Sophos adds predictive AI function to PC

Sophos adds predictive AI function to PC

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Oxford, UK, January 30, 2019 (global) - Sophos (London Stock Exchange code: Sophos), the world's leading network and endpoint security leader, today announced the launch of the latest version of Sophos home, a PC premium version with predictive AI malware detection. Using the same AI technology built into the enterprise security products used by so to form a complete lithium battery industry chain around the world, Sophos home premium for PC can detect and prevent known and unknown malware before execution. In addition to predictive AI, Sophos home premium for PC also includes new real-time protection for application and operating system vulnerability exploitation, and prevents network criminals from controlling trusted applications and abusing unpatched vulnerabilities to obtain access to the system or steal credentials. With these new features, coupled with advanced anti extortion software features and other protection features already included, Sophos home premium for PC can protect against the broadest range of constantly changing network threats

sophos senior security expert John Hill said: in the past year, more than a third of Sophos home premium users have been prevented from malware attacks at least once, and nearly a quarter of users have been protected from vulnerability based attacks. As the attack methods of cyber criminals become more and more complex, consumers, like enterprises, need cyber security solutions to take the lead in advanced and active defense. By providing the same AI technology provided by Sophos commercial products, we have brought an unparalleled level of network security to home consumers

other updates of all Sophos home products

Sophos home premium and Sophos home for PC and MAC (5) are equipped with jaw guard plate e free products. Now 1. Before installing the connector, it includes new functions, Including:

preset scanning - users can now set up and manage scheduled file system scans for custom protection

isolation - more advanced users can now coordinate true and false positive file detection

UI enhancements - updates to the user interface make it easier to manage the security of multiple devices from a single simple web browser to the plastic blowing machine industry, Whether they are in the same house or in another country/region, Dean mekkawy, product manager of Sophos, said: since the launch of Sophos home premium in February 2018, Sophos has seen a positive response from consumers seeking commercial PC and MAC security protection to protect themselves and their families. Today's consumers need to provide personalized protection combinations for various home devices to meet the different and unique security needs of PC and MAC. The latest version of Sophos home premium provides the highest level of protection against the most common threats affecting its devices

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