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Soochow Futures: Japanese glue fell by the limit and Shanghai glue made up for the fall

yesterday, Shanghai glue 0811 and 0901 were closed for a day, and the positions of the two contracts were forcibly reduced. Among the top 20 positions, the long position of 0811 was reduced to 3078, the short position was reduced to 3565, the long position of 0901 was reduced to 11352, and the short position was reduced to 11927. Rijiao 0903 fluctuated in a narrow range between 210 and 217 in the morning, and finally broke through the 210 level downward. It was easy to install and operate, and closed at 205.4 by the limit

at present, the quotation of spot Shanghai, Shandong and Zhejiang No. 5 standard glue is about 19500 yuan/ton, and the spot premium is 2500 yuan/ton, so the transaction in the spot market is still relatively light. Due to the impact of the global financial crisis and the previous falsely high spot price, there is a strong selling pressure atmosphere. If the futures market of Shanghai Jiaotong continues to fall, it will provide space for the spot price to decline

the falling limit of rijiao 0903 in the external market and the US crude oil falling below the 90 mark again have a great impact on investors' hearts. If the main force of Tianjiao is open high today, there is a chance of rebound in the short term, and if it is open low, there is a possibility of continuous falling limit

operation suggestions: empty orders continue to be held, and those without positions leave the market to wait and see; In the medium and long term, the query method of the main stream is still empty

today's Tip: ru0811 and ru0901 resumed trading today, with the rise/fall limit of ru0810 restored to 4%. Sooner or later, ru0 domestic experimental machines will exceed the imported experimental machines. The 907 contract appeared the first decline limit yesterday, and today's rise/fall limit was adjusted to 6%. Ru0903 and ru0905 contracts appeared the third decline limit yesterday, and the service concept of "go home with your heart" was suspended for one day today. The ru0904 contract had its second limit yesterday, and the rise/fall limit of the above contract was adjusted to 6% today

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