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Development trend and industrial structure adjustment strategy of the coating industry

I. new development trend of the coating industry

1 the development of coating technology should comply with laws and regulations

in recent years, a series of laws and regulations prohibiting or using relevant coatings have been issued at home and abroad, such as the prohibition of carbon tetrachloride chlorinated rubber production process by Montreal International Convention, the prohibition of DDT antifouling paint on the bottom of ships by Stockholm Convention IMO completely prohibits the use of TBT antifouling paint containing organic tin. The coating industry is required to develop low pollution, high solid or solvent-free (including powder, light curing) coatings and water-based coatings; Antifouling technology and antifouling coating with low environmental risk; Non lead and chromium antirust pigments and substitutes; Clean production process of titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigments; Water phase chlorinated rubber cleaner production process; Formulate evaluation standards for cleaner production processes in the coating industry, so as to promote the wide use of our products in the development of new processes, new materials and new technologies in the automotive electronic coatings industry. In addition. In recent years, new coatings such as glass energy-saving coatings and high-efficiency stain resistant solar heat absorption coatings have brought new development opportunities for the coating industry in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction

2 provide the overall solution of coating and coating

the coating must be transformed into a coating by strict coating process before it can play its role. Coating plays a very important role in coating quality control. Therefore, the development of coating technology and the improvement of coating technology are closely related and promote each other

first, the surface treatment of coating requires environmental protection. Such as: wet sand blasting to reduce dust; The shoulder sample adopts suspension structure, etc.) ultra high pressure water derusting requires the development of primer with rust; 0EM surface treatment fluid requires high efficiency, lead-free and chromium free ecological safety; The collection and treatment of old coatings containing harmful substances - red lead, organic tin antifouling paint, etc. should meet the requirements of laws and regulations; High efficiency, energy-saving, fast drying modern coating, thick film or ultra thick film coating, wet touch wet coating, etc., all put forward higher requirements for the performance of the coating

secondly, strengthening the research of coating construction performance and reducing and eliminating coating defects are also important directions for the development of coating technology. In addition, more and more attention has been paid to the development of coating supporting system. In recent years, architectural coatings, ship containers, automobiles, oil pipelines and oil tanks, heavy machinery, railway vehicles and bridges and other industries have successively issued industrial coating standards. This product is mainly used to make copper strips for communication cable products. Providing users with practical, efficient and economic coating schemes and supporting coating processes has become an important part of high-tech services for coating supply, In line with the service concept of obtaining the maximum added value for users

3 developing cost-effective coatings

there is a balance and choice between cost and performance in both coating raw materials, products and coating supporting systems. In the past product development, there was often a phenomenon of excessive pursuit of individual products but considering high performance indicators from the perspective of economic benefits (about 45% efficiency savings) and mold design, which was used as the evaluation standard of its technical level or the beak of hype. However, the greatest contribution of technological development is to continuously reduce costs and provide high-quality and low-cost products and services for the market and users. Although the coating products are restricted by the market of raw materials, they still have potential in improving production efficiency, optimizing formula and process improvement. Energy saving, consumption reduction and cost reduction are the eternal theme of the development of coating technology

4 combination of paint development and aesthetic elements

in developed countries and regions, in addition to the continuous improvement of the requirements for the protection, decoration and function of paint, the aesthetic requirements for paint and the personalized decorative effect of color have all risen to a new level. This requires the close combination of paint development and aesthetic elements such as decoration design, so as to achieve the effect of more personalization, humanization and environmental harmony

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