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Lingyun launches a new domain name

Lingyun technology news: on September 9, Jietong Huasheng officially announced that Lingyun platform will launch a new domain name, which means that the artificial intelligence cloud should first clean the parts

Lingyun platform is the first all-round artificial intelligence open platform launched by Jietong Huasheng in 2011. It perfectly integrates Lingyun speech recognition, speech synthesis, OCR, handwriting recognition, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, semantic understanding, machine translation, data mining and other ten artificial intelligence technologies, and is committed to enabling machines to speak and listen, write and see, recognize people, think and judge

after five years of rapid development, Lingyun platform has formed a three-layer three-dimensional Lingyun product ecosystem composed of Lingyun public cloud services, Lingyun full intelligent capabilities, but there is a high infection risk in the use of multi thread suture platform, and Lingyun full intelligent solutions. Lingyun public cloud service, in the form of cloud + end, widely serves various intelligent devices such as intelligent vehicles, home appliances, robots, intelligence, etc; Lingyun full intelligent capability platform is committed to achieving the development goal of artificial intelligence for every enterprise by starting experiments, and helping enterprises build various intelligent application systems by integrating and applying a number of artificial intelligence technologies; Lingyun all intelligent solutions include Lingyun all intelligent customer service solutions that cover customer service and marketing for enterprises, and Lingyun identity authentication service systems that provide users with multi-dimensional biometrics such as licenses, voiceprints, faces, fingerprints, etc

the development of Lingyun and artificial intelligence technology cannot be separated from the support of strong scientific research forces. In 2013, Jietong Huasheng established strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, successively established Tsinghua Lingyun artificial intelligence research center and Tsinghua Strait Research Institute artificial intelligence research center, established the brand development strategy of Lingyun technology from Tsinghua to serve the world, and jointly committed to the industrialization and application of Tsinghua artificial intelligence technology to establish Tsinghua University's leading position in the development of China's artificial intelligence industry

this time, Lingyun is honored by Lingyun and the strength of Tsinghua's artificial intelligence research force. For future development, Jietong Huasheng will consolidate its in-depth strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, work with all forces in the industry to jointly promote Lingyun AI technology to better and more comprehensively serve hundreds of millions of people, and make due contributions to the rise of China's AI industry in February 2014

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