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On May 7, 2019, the Guangdong society of mechanical engineering organized and presided over the appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements of "mixed gas cooled fully tempered light glass roller type complete equipment" completed by Guangdong soos Glass Technology Co., Ltd

Professor Liu Yihua, executive vice president and Secretary General of Guangdong mechanical engineering society, attended the meeting and made a summary. Professor Shaoming, deputy secretary general, presided over the meeting

soos Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Lunjiao town, Shunde District, Foshan City, with a registered capital of 5million yuan, which is "middle 3. There is dirt in the buffer valve, oil pipe or hydraulic oil: cleaning the buffer valve, oil pipe is an important town of glass machinery in the country"

Liu Yihua, executive vice president and secretary general, Shaoming, deputy secretary general

soos adheres to the market-oriented, customer satisfaction as the goal, and the principle of trustworthy, quality-guaranteed and mutually beneficial operation. Relying on a high-quality staff team, scientific management and a highly responsible working attitude towards customers, he has won the approval and recognition of our customers. His products are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to the United States, Russia Germany, the Middle East, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, and more than 30 countries and regions

after years of exploration and practice, soos has been equipped with first-class design, research and development and production capacity, and has been rated as "top ten brands of Guangdong glass machinery" by Guangdong Glass Industry Association. The company's independently developed "two-way self heating, which means how much force the load will bend 1mm, compressed air forced convection Low-E glass tempering production line" has been rated as the Guangdong glass industry science and technology innovation product award, "Energy saving photovoltaic glass tempering production line" was awarded the most promising new product award in Guangdong glass industry. Its patented products, such as "CE certification", "ISO9001 certification", "Low-E (E ≥ 0.01) production certification" and so on, are widely used in various energy-saving fields at home and abroad, such as architectural decoration, vehicle transportation, civil furniture, household appliances, industrial instruments and so on. Adhere to the sustainable development concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection" and integrate it into every product perfectly, and actively fulfill the social responsibility while developing the enterprise

as a high-tech enterprise in the front end of the glass industry, soos has independently developed horizontal roller flat/bending tempered glass production line, automatic intelligent continuous hot bending glass production line, photovoltaic electronic ultra-thin glass tempering production line, high-efficiency and energy-saving two-way self heated compressed air forced convection Low-E glass tempering production line, etc. According to the needs of customers and the continuous changes of the market, soos adheres to the spirit of continuous exploration and excellence, and strives to become the leader of China's glass industry

in August 2014, the 2mm ultra-thin large layout all tempered glass continuous production line developed by soos was successfully put into production, and obtained Chinese invention patents and European patents! This production line not only sets a global precedent, but also further improves the quality level of ultra-thin tempered glass products in China, improves the international competitiveness of products, and plays an important role in ensuring the healthy development of the glass processing industry

soos will continue to surpass and innovate, meet your needs with our profession, get your satisfaction with our persistence, bring our services to your life, and make your life more colorful

the project undertaking unit reports the development of the project

the complete set of mixed air-cooled fully tempered light glass roller table equipment developed by the project uses compressed air and ordinary fans to replace the uniform air dispersion effect of the circular air nozzle through the arc-shaped air nozzle, and cooperates with the air grille adjustable air pressure device, the special flat air grille height device and the swing device, so that the air sprayed on the glass can avoid the quenching effect caused by the mixing of the air flow on the surface of the corroded glass, Realize the rapid and uniform cooling of glass, achieve the optimal glass tempering, and break through the key technology of tempering and quenching of 2mm ultra-thin glass with large plate surface; The application of energy-saving technologies such as precise transmission of tempering roller table, automatic tracking control of cooling fan frequency of glass tempering furnace, and cyclic heating of heat recovery system by using motor grouping has achieved obvious energy-saving and consumption reduction effects

experts visited the project site

during the implementation of the project, they obtained 1 European authorized invention patent, applied for 6 domestic invention patents (including 3 authorized), authorized 19 utility model patents, and registered 1 software copyright. They have independent intellectual property rights and are highly innovative

experts visited the project site

the project products were tested by Guangdong quality supervision machinery inspection station, and the tested items met the requirements of relevant standards. Among them, the four indicators of safety performance surface stress value, granularity, bow curvature and waveform curvature exceed the international standards. The project products have been used by users, which have been well reflected and achieved obvious economic and social benefits

group photos of leaders, experts and members of the project team

the appraisal committee agreed that the overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level, and some indicators have reached the international leading level, and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

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