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The source of the three rivers witnessed the miracle of China - written on the 10th anniversary of the Yushu earthquake

release date: Source: Xinhua

this is the ancestor of mountains and the source of the three rivers, and the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River have a long history; Here is the Tang Tibetan Ancient Road and the kangzang thoroughfare, where the Han Tibetan culture exchanges and blends; This is a land of singing and dancing and a place of beauty. Thanks, self-improvement, inclusiveness, innovation, and beauty, "new Yushu spirit" Wang Xianhong added, "vitality is booming...

on April 14, 2010, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province was severely hit by a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.1

10 years in a flash. Yushu Phoenix Nirvana, ushering in a new era of development. A green, happy and harmonious modern plateau new city stands at the source of the three rivers, witnessing the miracle of post disaster reconstruction

"China's speed" creates miracles Yushu

in the morning, the snow on tasiko Racecourse in Yushu City, at an altitude of 3700 meters, was not melted. In the silence, the crisp sound of bells came from a distance, and horses walked leisurely to the racetrack

"ten years ago, there were many disaster relief tents here. Now we can race here again." Cai WA, the 57 year old president of community 3, Datong village, Zhaxi, Xihang street, Yushu City, stretched out his hand to pull a bridle and trim his mane for a white horse, "it's better looking like this. Today, these dozen horses have to train here."

life is calm and memories are unforgettable. At 7:49 on April 14, 2010, Cai wa was walking on the road to the village collective brick factory. The ground suddenly began to shake violently, and the shops and residential houses on the roadside collapsed instantly. Cai wa was shaken violently and fell down twice in a row before he stood up hard. At this time, all the cries for help came from his ears. He ignored his family's request for help and dug up more than 10 buried people along the way. He lost three relatives in the earthquake

the earthquake came suddenly. The affected area is 35800 square kilometers, 2698 people have been killed, 270 people are missing, and 246800 people have been affected...

speed is life. A spring tension testing machine is mainly used for the tension, pressure, displacement and other tension, compression and displacement of precision springs such as tension springs, springs, tower springs, leaf springs, etc. the magnificent earthquake relief operations have been carried out rapidly. Located in the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with an average altitude of more than 4200 meters, the oxygen content in the air is only 60% of the sea level, 820 kilometers away from the provincial capital Xining, disaster relief is facing great challenges

groups of data have witnessed the speed of China:

-- search and save lives to the greatest extent. Within 72 hours after the earthquake, 7856 people were successfully rescued from the ruins and 6761 people were saved; 225000 people were transferred and 2008 people were rescued

-- the best effect is to treat the wounded. Mainly by air, supplemented by car transportation, 3109 seriously injured persons were transferred to other places, and 19 amputated in 1284 operations

-- provide the best service to resettle the masses. Within a week, more than 25000 disaster relief tents arrived in the disaster area, more than 10 million tons of various disaster relief materials, and 188000 people received subsidies for living difficulties

-- the strongest measure to restore order. Within five days after the earthquake, water, electricity, roads and other emergency measures were restored...

"within eight hours, three rescue teams arrived in Yushu! I saw the strength of the country and the superiority of the socialist system!" Geza, then Secretary General of Yushu Red Cross Society, said with emotion

"Chinese power" gave birth to a brand-new Yushu

standing on the top of the contemporary mountain with an altitude of nearly 4000 meters, you can have a bird's-eye view of Yushu new city. Zhaqu River and Batang River pass through the city. Tibetan houses with bright colors spread along the mountain to the valley, and vehicles flow continuously on the four vertical and sixteen horizontal roads

after three years of disaster recovery and reconstruction, a total of 44.754 billion and 1248 reconstruction projects have been completed, which is eight times the total investment of Yushu from 1951 to 2009. The planning goal of post disaster reconstruction has been fully achieved

71 year old rural low-income households gasongjiacuo moved into their new houses the second year after the earthquake. Three years after the earthquake, 16710 farmers' and herdsmen's houses and 22439 urban residents' houses in Yushu prefecture were completed and occupied, the infrastructure of 292 centralized construction sites for farmers' and herdsmen's houses was completed, and the housing conditions of the people in the disaster areas were fundamentally improved

in June, 2010, Cheng Sijun, then deputy commander and chief engineer of China Railway Erju, led a team to Yushu for counterpart assistance. "Many people have strong altitude reactions. Headache, chest tightness and nausea are common." However, in the face of the entrustment of the Party Central Committee and the expectations of the people, the main structure of the former Yushu county first national middle school was completely capped in 53 days. They created a miracle of "four days and one floor", and the school was put into use the second year after the earthquake. Within three years, 94 educational projects, 63 medical and health projects and 65 cultural and sports projects in Yushu prefecture were completed, and a number of welfare homes, nursing homes and orphanages were put into operation

the Yushu earthquake destroyed the electricity originally generated by small hydropower stations. Since the post disaster reconstruction, the state has invested more than 5 billion yuan in electricity, and successively completed projects such as the main connection between Yushu and Qinghai, making Yushu electricity leap from 35 kV power to 330 kV modern power, and realizing the power coverage of 46 towns and 155 administrative villages in Yushu prefecture

the Gongyu expressway has been completed and opened to traffic, the second-class oil roads at the prefecture and county levels have been covered, and the roads in towns and administrative villages have been unblocked by 100%. Yushu prefecture has ushered in a golden period in the history of transportation construction, with 235 kilometers of municipal roads and 1482 kilometers of various pipelines, and 112 water conservancy projects have been completed. The drinking water problem of 45 poor villages, 38000 poor people and 1.62 million livestock has been solved

walking on the streets of Yushu City, the large screen in the center of the city has more than 40 excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects and teams from all over the country. The screen shows the temperature, humidity and PM2.5 in real time. People dressed in national costumes come and go on the bustling commercial streets, The express boy galloped by on a motorcycle... "The post disaster reconstruction has driven the flow of people, logistics, capital and information in Yushu prefecture, promoted the development of Yushu city into a central city in the three river source region, and attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists and merchants to visit and invest. The annual number of tourists increased from 97000 to 1.47 million." Said caichengyong, deputy secretary of Yushu prefecture Party committee and Secretary of Yushu municipal Party committee

Zeng Weixiang from Hubei has operated rose West Point western restaurant in Yushu city for five years. The business is getting bigger and bigger, and the area of the restaurant has expanded from more than 100 square meters to more than 1000 square meters. She felt the openness and inclusiveness of the city

"the great achievements made in Yushu post disaster reconstruction reflect the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the strong support of the people throughout the country, and the hard dedication of local cadres and the masses and aid builders, and fully demonstrate the institutional advantages of China's socialist system that always adheres to the people as the center and focuses on doing major, difficult and urgent things." Said Wu Dejun, Secretary of Yushu prefecture Party committee

"people's livelihood temperature" creates happiness Yushu

rows of Tibetan courtyards are built against the mountain, and solar street lamps illuminate the plateau villages in the evening. Daige village, Xinzhai sub district office, which is about 20 kilometers away from Yushu City, was badly hit by the earthquake. In 2012, the whole village was relocated to become a science and technology demonstration village. Walking into the 34 year old villager ou Zhuyong's collector's house, hydrangeas in the glass room are really red in clusters

a solar energy collection system is installed on the roof, and the kitchen is equipped with a biomass energy-saving stove, with plumbing, shower, toilet and other facilities. Ou zhuyongzang said, "using solar energy to boil water during the day, heating the ground at night, and living a comfortable and convenient life are no different from cities."

in the 10 years after the disaster, Yushu prefecture coordinated more than 75% of the financial funds for people's livelihood every year, effectively solving the problems of production, school, transportation, medical treatment, pension and other aspects of the people in the pastoral areas, and the people's sense of gain and happiness continued to increase

in the contemporary community of Xinzhai street, Yushu City, we saw that the "one-stop" convenience service hall was clean and tidy, and residents Dan zengwa successfully received a government subsidy of 2000 for the reconstruction of sanitary toilets. He said that it is very convenient to run subsistence allowances, household registration and medical insurance. Yushu city actively promotes the standardized management mode, divides the urban area into 75 grids, and brings people, places, things, things, organizations, etc. into the standardized management, horizontally to the edge, vertically to the end

Guoyong, the fourth batch of Beijing Youth aid cadres and President of Yushu people's Hospital, said that in order to effectively solve the problem of difficult medical treatment for people in remote agricultural and pastoral areas, in the past 10 years, Yushu people's hospital has successively established 14 new disciplines, including the Department of infectious diseases, the diagnosis and treatment base of hydatidosis, and the neonatal treatment center for critically ill children, and introduced 168 new technologies and businesses

after the earthquake, Yushu launched a large-scale school running project in other places, with 6247 students studying in Beijing, Liaoning, Sichuan, Hubei and other places. Renqing Yongzhan, 15, was sent to Shandong Tai'an Medical College for free tuition and 300 living allowances per month. Now, Renqing Yongzhan is a doctor in Xiewu town health center in Chengduo county. Ten years after the earthquake, the level of education development in Yushu has significantly improved, with the rate of initial promotion to higher education increased from 32% to 98%, and the kindergarten enrollment rate increased from 3.5% to 68%

Zaxidawa, a 33 year old villager of Datong village in Zhaxi, Yushu City, is looking forward to summer. He can continue to work in the Tibetan music run by the village office. Drive a truck to transport the milk from the village pasture to cangjiale, and then divide into four groups with 47 villagers to manage cangjiale in turn. Life is full and happy

"Yushu is vast and sparsely populated, the cost of poverty alleviation is high, and it is difficult to choose industries." Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of Yushu prefecture poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, said that based on ecological animal husbandry, there are 264 animal husbandry cooperatives in 258 administrative villages in the prefecture, effectively improving the ability to resist risks

at the beginning of last year, Yushu suffered a serious snow disaster that was not encountered in 10 years. Thanks to the targeted poverty alleviation policy and the rapid development of transportation and animal husbandry infrastructure construction, it was not in great trouble despite a major disaster. At present, the incidence of poverty in Yushu prefecture has decreased from 34% five years ago to less than 3%, and the state has achieved the goal of "clearing" absolute poverty

"spiritual height" to create green Yushu

"protect life with life" is what long zhoucaijia, a member of Hoh Xil mountain patrol, does every day. In July 2017, Hoh Xil became the first World Natural Heritage site on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Hoh Xil, located in Yushu prefecture, is an important habitat for Tibetan antelopes. Over the past 10 years, long zhoucaijia and his team members have been sleeping in Hoh Xil, climbing ice and snow, and tenaciously guarding this pure land

through unremitting efforts, the population of Tibetan antelope has recovered to more than 70000, and the population of snow leopard is more than 1200. Sanjiangyuan has become the most densely distributed area of snow leopard in the world. The populations of wild animals such as black necked Crane, Tibetan antelope, wild yak, Tibetan wild donkey and brown bear have increased significantly

Yushu prefecture covers Sanjiangyuan National Park, Yangtze River source Park and Lancang River source Park, accounting for 85% of the total area of the park. As the "Chinese water tower", it maintains the lifeline of water ecological security in China and even Asia, and is an important water conservation area and priority area for biodiversity protection in China

let the herdsmen of Sanjiangyuan become grassland keepers from grassland users. After the central government decided to build Sanjiangyuan National Park in 2015, 18000 people in Yushu have taken ecological public welfare positions

"firmly establish the development concept of 'green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains', and' green gratitude and ecological service to the country 'is our original intention. We should take the ecological protection of Sanjiangyuan as the greatest political adherence, the greatest responsibility and the greatest livelihood guarantee. 1. The safety device of electronic tensile testing machine is good." The governor of Yushu prefecture just let me say too much

after 2013, all exploration rights in Yushu were withdrawn, and all planned hydropower development projects were completely suspended. In the past 10 years, Yushu has completed construction in total

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