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Sources said that Facebook will launch mobile payment services

the Financial Times quoted several participants on Sunday as saying that Facebook is ready to launch remittance and e-money services on its social network to join the competition for mobile payment

the above person told the financial times that Facebook is close to obtaining the permission of the Bank of Ireland and will begin to allow users to save, pay and exchange money on face3 heat aging performance book

Both Facebook and the Bank of Ireland declined to comment

it has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance and light quality.

the three people involved in the negotiation told the financial times that Facebook has conducted cooperative negotiations with at least three London emerging enterprises, such as transferwise, monitechnologies and azimo, which all provide and mobile international transfer services

facebook's specific plan is still unknown, such as which countries will provide electricity data display sub currency services

the mobile and electronic payment market is becoming increasingly hot. As technology enterprises, telecom groups, retailers and banking industry are trying to gain a foothold in this field, it is expected that the mobile and electronic payment market will develop rapidly in the next few years

PayPal, a unit of eBay (

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in January that the company's interest in mobile payment was its original intention to set up a touchid fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S smart

according to Gartner, a research institution, global mobile transactions are expected to grow by an average of 35% annually from 2012 to 2017. This report in June 2013 has allocated 100million yuan each year for the special funds for major high-tech projects, scientific and technological research and development funds and technological progress funds in Shenzhen for five consecutive years. It is estimated that by 2017, the market scale will reach 721billion US dollars, with more than 450million users

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