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Carton enterprise development trend (VIII)

in the promotion strategy of carton products, we should combine the following aspects. The first is to cultivate the comprehensive quality of salesmen, including language expression, business etiquette, communication skills, professional knowledge, negotiation skills, legal knowledge, etc. the second is to establish a standardized service system, including product design, regular visits, use guidance, technical training and other comprehensive services; Third, establish a good transportation and delivery assurance system; Fourth, establish a rapid information feedback system to understand the real needs of customers; Fifth, use public relations methods to have good communication with customers and establish a good partnership; Sixth, establish a good corporate image, including the guarantee of delivery time, the commitment of quality and reputation, and create a corporate brand and characteristics; Seventh, the publicity of carton enterprises themselves. Although carton products, unlike other industrial products, require a lot of advertising, carton products also need publicity, but the scope and methods are different. This is not paid attention to in most carton enterprises. In fact, the necessary publicity is conducive to the sales of products

in the future, the operators of carton enterprises must be clear and appropriate in the target market and product positioning, and can respond quickly and make corresponding adjustments with the changes of the market and customer base. Make good use of and integrate various resources of the enterprise, effectively combine and use price, channel, promotion and other activities, follow the law of market economy in business strategic decision-making, give full play to the advantages of enterprises and regions, and carton enterprises will become stronger and bigger in the fierce market competition and industry integration, and get healthy and good development

thoughts on centralized board making and decentralized box making

"centralized board making and decentralized box making" is the solution to the problems such as the serious insufficient startup rate of the current corrugated board production line, the low efficiency of single-sided machine in the production of corrugated board, and the poor quality of corrugated board. However, we know that most of the secondary factories with corrugated board production lines in the country (they have the post-processing production capacity of corrugated boxes) produce corrugated board for their own use, and the proportion of cardboard to processing is very small. Since 2000, many large-scale corrugated box enterprises in China have introduced high-speed and wide width corrugated line equipment, and the production capacity has doubled. And the previous two shifts of production are now changed to one shift. However, it did not consider how to use the running board to expand business. The most important idea is that our tile line equipment is advanced and the cardboard quality has advantages, so it has a competitive advantage: to sell cardboard takeaway is to add a strong competitor to ourselves. Even if some enterprises' own production orders are insufficient, they will pick up the price very high when processing cardboard, which makes the implementation of centralized board making and decentralized box making difficult. However, the current situation of the corrugated box industry in China is that the three-level small box factory is the largest base of the pyramid structure, with a large number and a huge demand for paperboard. It is precisely because of the demand of the corrugated board market that enterprises specializing in processing corrugated board have been born. In recent twoorthree years, there have been two enterprises specialized in processing corrugated board in Tianjin. One of them has two corrugated board production lines, with a monthly output of about 5million square meters. The economic benefits of the manufacturer are very good. From the success of this enterprise: at this stage of China's corrugated box industry, centralized board making and decentralized box making are feasible. However, for centralized board making and decentralized box making, peers in the industry also have different views. Looking at the development process of corrugated box industry in Taiwan, Europe, America and Japan, we can see that "centralized board making and decentralized box making" will not become the development trend of the industry, but its production mode is worth studying as the market demand exists for a certain period of time

"centralized board making and decentralized box making "It is an important stage of adjustment in the development of China's corrugated box industry, and the author believes that there will be no long-term glory. How to seize the opportunity of development in the current stage of development is what our corrugated box enterprises should ponder. From the perspective of the corrugated industry in Europe and the United States, mergers and acquisitions into large carton packaging enterprise groups are the development trend, and advanced small enterprises with their own technical characteristics are the supplement to the market. Rely on alone An enterprise that produces corrugated board almost does not exist

thinking about equipment investment

China's corrugated box packaging industry was once very brilliant. From 1990 to 2000, with the rapid development of China's economy, the supply of cartons in many carton factories exceeded the demand; And the profit of cartons was also very high at that time. However, in recent years, the profits of the corrugated box industry have been getting lower and lower, especially since the global oil, coal and other energy prices rose last year, resulting in the continuous rise in the price of base paper, while the price of cartons did not rise but fell. Carton enterprises can be said to have made things worse. Therefore, now many enterprises are very cautious in equipment investment, and more enterprise decision makers will not invest money in the carton industry. As a result, there is a greater gap between China's corrugated box enterprises and foreign countries in terms of automation level, production efficiency and management level. However, we should see that China's corrugated box machinery and equipment have developed rapidly in recent years, and many enterprises have grown rapidly, providing domestic carton enterprises with high-quality and low-cost equipment, and Taiwan's machinery and equipment are also very competitive. Therefore, the equipment investment strategy of corrugated box enterprises is: three years ago, the introduction of medium and high-grade corrugated wire equipment and printing machine equipment was mainly based on advanced equipment such as Taiwan and South Korea, and some foreign-funded or joint venture packaging enterprises purchased European and American equipment; this year, it is mainly domestic equipment purchase as the mainstream. In 2005, no matter the new carton factory or the equipment upgrading, no matter the tile line or the printing machine equipment, as far as I know, I have not purchased European and American equipment. On the one hand, we have no confidence in the current market situation of the domestic corrugated box industry; on the other hand, we are worried about the return on investment due to the high price of European and American equipment. The investment in equipment is very important for the development of carton enterprises. A good purchase of equipment will help the development of enterprises. Once the investment in equipment is wrong, it will not only fail to develop production, but even make the enterprise in trouble. The appreciation of the RMB exchange rate in July 2005 is good news for the corrugated box industry, especially that we can import foreign advanced equipment at a lower price. However, the exchange rate adjustment will continue to improve, so many people judge that the exchange rate will rise again, and it will be more beneficial to take a wait-and-see attitude. The following aspects should be considered when purchasing equipment from Europe and the United States: it is widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

■ advanced equipment from Europe and the United States has many advantages, such as high degree of automation, fast production speed, good reliability and stability. But the price is expensive, so we must meet our own production needs. On the one hand, for the market positioning of enterprise development, it is necessary to select the correct target market under various market conditions and determine the commodity positioning of important customers; on the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the level balance of their own production equipment, and the distribution of high-end equipment and medium-range processing equipment should be reasonable. The production and processing capacity of high-grade corrugated boxes is strong, and whether to follow the high-grade line or the medium and low-grade line:

■ make a good investment budget for equipment. The accurate investment feasibility study report should include the calculation method of investment return and the analysis of financing channels. The comparison between foreign equipment and domestic equipment should be carried out in combination with their own production reality:

■ we should improve the production management level and make rational and full use of equipment. Give full play to the production capacity of the equipment. These are very important for advanced production. Now many equipment manufacturers have also noticed this. Therefore, during the training, we should not only train the production operators, but also train the production management personnel in planning and scheduling:

■ it is very important to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise's capital chain. It is not allowed to seriously affect the gold chain after the establishment of the enterprise's assets because of the purchase of equipment. This is a very dangerous thing:

■ the ability of employees and the digestion of equipment. Operators need to examine the potential, plasticity and recognition of the company's year-on-year promotion of 27.73

Reflections on the anti-dumping case of base paper

on May 31, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China issued the announcement on the preliminary determination of unbleached kraft linerboard, and the preliminary determination of "anti-dumping" of domestic paper enterprises won. Foreign base paper prices rose, followed by domestic base paper prices also rose differently. Carton enterprises complain incessantly, and the pressure of enterprises increases dramatically. In fact, the problem that carton enterprises should consider is environmental protection

promotion of low gram weight cartons

in Malaysia in Asia, single-sided corrugated board and three-layer corrugated board account for about 70% of the total corrugated board products, and five-layer corrugated board accounts for about 30%. The proportion of Europe and the United States is even higher, while in China, the proportion of five layer corrugated board accounts for about 70%. In the northern region, it is mainly AB tile, and BC tile cartons are used, but the proportion is very small. And the weight of base paper is also very high. Low gram weight cartons are good for carton factories and users, but the promotion is slow. On the one hand, it is the factor of the market, because everyone does not use it. Not many enterprises dare to be pioneers, and everyone is waiting; On the other hand, the performance of corrugated board production line equipment, the production of low gram weight cartons will cause some carton problems, and solving these problems involves equipment, technology and other factors, and even requires enterprise investment to complete, so it also subjectively affects the promotion. However, from the perspective of the development of corrugated boxes, low gram weight cartons are the direction. Therefore, enterprises that complete a batch of key new material standard cartons in a complete set and system should join as soon as possible

source: Global corrugated industry

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