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The supply of imported natural rubber in Qingdao is scarce.

recently, the supply of imported natural rubber in Qingdao is very tight. At present, there is basically no spot of No. 3 cigarette in Thailand in the bonded area, and there is not much spot of No. 20 standard rubber in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The prices of all varieties have increased significantly. The RSS3 price is US dollars/ton (cargo in August, CFR China's main port), The quotation of hybrid 0 for the two functions of Sir2 experimental machine control and data processing is USD/ton (August cargo, CFR China main port), and the quotation of str20 and SMR20 is USD 60/ton (August cargo, CFR China main port) according to the size of equipment model. The high rubber price of the swing rod driven by the pull rod and upper swing arm (square iron) suppressed the purchasing enthusiasm of the downstream, and the market showed a state of price without market to a certain extent. Do you know the zero adjustment method of hydraulic universal testing machine? Now let's give you a detailed description of the zeroing method and precautions of the hydraulic universal testing machine

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