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Trademark creativity and product name design

trademark is actually a kind of logo, which often uses plastic hollow products. The difference between it and social logo is that enterprise logo is a commercial name; Trademark is a legal term, which is a brand registered through legal procedures. If the enterprise logo is also registered, it will be identical with the trademark

there are generally two types of patterns of trademark and enterprise logo design: one is the identity of enterprise logo and trademark brand. The purpose is to achieve synchronous diffusion and strengthen the effect of impression. The enterprise not only shapes the brand image, but also improves the reputation of the enterprise. Generally, some enterprises with large scale, sound organization, high popularity, centralized and single business content, service enterprises, etc. adopt this mode. Some use the name of the enterprise to promote the brand logo, so as to improve the popularity of the brand. Some enterprises have a high popularity of the trademark brand, so they use the trademark brand name to unify the name and logo of the enterprise. Second, the corporate logo and trademark brands are independent. This is also based on the needs of modern enterprise management strategy and marketing. Trademark is independent, so that in the marketing process, it will not bring irreparable losses to enterprises due to the failure of a brand. At the same time, it can also enable enterprises to take the initiative in the competition of developing new products and market share

in the above two cases, whether the trademark and the enterprise logo agree or not, the design principles of the enterprise logo mentioned above are suitable for trademark design. In addition, there are some special requirements for trademark design:

first, the measurement accuracy of trademark design must comply with the trademark registration law

second, trademark design should echo the corporate logo

looking at the trademark status of 281 insulating electrical bushing and accessories for construction in China, there are many problems in trademark design, such as many trademarks are complex and cumbersome, which is not conducive to visual recognition

the design of the product name is quite learned and very skillful. In general, we should pay attention to the following issues when naming:

(1) it is good to recognize, remember and read, and there is a certain degree of continuity

(2) have a high intention, good intention and a sense of the times

(3) avoid duplicating product names with local, domestic and even foreign products

(4) if it is an export product, avoid making taboos

(5) for some product names, it is best to indicate the nature of the product

(6) when choosing the product name, we should consider the characteristics of the enterprise. According to the local characteristics, historical traditions and special professional conditions of the enterprise

(7 through continuous adjustment and guidance) in the product name design, we should also pay attention to the idea of connecting with the business slogan, business theory and commercial slogan of the enterprise

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