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Chapter 4 comprehensive trademark signs

comprehensive trademark signs are mainly expressed in the combination of words and graphics. Because the types of enterprises are very different and the goods are rich and varied, but the types and properties of products are sometimes seriously similar, resulting in fierce competition in the market. In this way, trademark signs designed by using words or graphics alone sometimes cannot fully reflect the business philosophy and personality characteristics of enterprises. Therefore, many trademark signs use the form of combining words and graphics. This form of trademark logo shows rich connotation, large capacity and accurate positioning. Due to the text description, it is not easy to produce a sense of ambiguity. The means of expression and forms are more diverse and widely used

section I design rules

first, the unity of modeling language

comprehensive trademark signs formed by the combination of text and graphics. Because text and graphics are two modeling languages, and text is divided into Chinese characters, Latin characters and Arabic numerals; Graphics are divided into natural shapes and abstract shapes, so there are many kinds of modeling languages. To combine the two perfectly, complement each other and set off each other, we must consider the unity of modeling language. The unity of modeling language can be divided into two forms

1. the configuration of the same modeling element

the configuration of the same modeling element is divided into two forms, one is curve configuration. Such as the combined configuration of circle, ellipse, regular and irregular curve and curve shape. The other is linear configuration, such as square, triangle, regular and irregular linear and linear combination configuration. The shape formed by the combination of the same modeling elements is unified and harmonious. For example, the trademark, words and shapes of the famous "Coca Cola" company are all composed of curved elements, so the overall image is unified and harmonious, with a sense of movement. For another example, the logo of Weitai curtain company uses diamond and parallelogram. A manipulator can always work as 1. These linear elements are configured, and the overall shape is unified and powerful

2. Configuration of different modeling elements

when different modeling elements are combined, the configuration will produce strong contrast and disharmony, which requires the two modeling elements to assimilate each other, that is, the curve shape includes the straight line shape, or the straight line shape transitions to the curve shape. For example, if the angle of a triangle is changed into an arc shape, and then combined with the shape of a circle and a curve, it will be coordinated. For another example, the shape and triangle left after cutting a triangle in the circle are the shape combination when cleaning and reversing the metallographic microscope, or turning one side of the triangle into an arc. Such shape and circle are combined together, which weakens the contrast because they contain each other's modeling elements, and will also produce coordination. For example, the trademark of "Sun God" in Guangzhou, China (Figure 179), in which triangles and semicircles form a weak contrast. The Chinese character "Sun God" is echoed by circular art characters and the above arc shape. In this way, there is echo in comparison and contrast in coordination. The shape of the whole logo is integrated, rigid and flexible, with strong visual impact

second, the main and auxiliary nature of words and graphics

words and graphics should be clear in the design of comprehensive trademark signs. In a sign, if the text and graphics are the same in area and weight, it will produce a sense of separation visually. Therefore, the relationship between graphics and words should be emphasized in the design, and the main and auxiliary should be distinguished

1. it is mainly shaped, supplemented by words

the logo of American cotton planting, sales and research institutions, mainly with a plump and simple image of cotton, supplemented by the English word cooiton of cotton, which has clear priorities and complements each other, giving people a fresh and pleasing aesthetic feeling. This black-and-white contrast image shows a strong and eye-catching "Mr. Bakker's final emphasis on sexual characteristics. The trademark of Canada's monarch Machinery Industry Company (Figure 168) is based on the head shape of a male lion, supplemented by words. It is novel, powerful, lively and generous, and has a strong and rigorous pattern beauty in shape

2. Mainly words, supplemented by shapes

the logo of Royal Dutch Airlines (Figure 169) is mainly text modeling, supplemented by the image of the crown, and the following line 2. The bellows ring stiffness testing machine forms a whole due to the characteristics of the pipe, small letters and the image of the crown. Clear priorities, relevant to the theme and rich connotation. The famous "Pepsi Cola" logo in the United States takes the word "Pepsi" as the visual center and the surrounding abstract geometric shapes as the carrier, setting off the brand text and making the text the main body. The positive and negative shape design is reasonable, showing strong contrast and dynamic, with soft, light and eye-catching artistic features

the letters are organically combined into one, and the modeling language is unified and smooth, with a sense of rhythm and rhythm

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