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The biggest selling point of the clamping head combined with vulcanized rubber and steel is that it changes people's understanding of the process of the traditional spring collet. The traditional spring collet realizes the clamping and relaxation of the workpiece through the elastic deformation of the thin wall of the spring collet. The collet fails due to plastic deformation of the thin wall under excessive axial tension

At the same time, due to the elastic deformation through the thin wall, the radial clamping diameter change of the traditional spring collet is very small and the clamping force is not small

Hamberg's vulcanized rubber and steel clamping head realizes radial diameter change through the elastic deformation characteristics of rubber. Therefore, its radial diameter change is relatively large. The deformation of the rubber realizes the radial diameter change, so the steel part does not need to be made into a thin wall, but can be a rigid steel block, so that it can bear a large axial tension and produce a large clamping force for the parts at the same time. Due to the adoption of high-tech machining technology, the fixture of Hamberg can not only provide high clamping force, but also achieve the repeated positioning accuracy of clamping parts within 0,01mm at the same time

for a long time, Hamberg fixture system technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hamberg) has a sales philosophy. What Hamberg provides to customers is not a product, but a technology. As a traditional fixture enterprise in Germany, Hamberg has inherited the essence of its parent company in China - using Hamberg's unique technical advantages to help customers solve machining problems and improve their processing technology. Let them feel that the advanced fixture technology concept brings them economic benefits

in recent years, people have been complaining that prices are rising. As a part of the whole market economy, the product prices of Hamberg should also be rising. In fact, it is not. As mentioned above, Hamberg fixture products focus more on the improvement and optimization of knowledge and technology. Therefore, over the years, in the environment of generally rising prices, hanberg's fixture products are worthy of respect because of the continuous improvement of technology, but the continuous improvement of their own product cost performance

however, a fact that cannot be ignored is that many famous fixture brands in the world have entered the Chinese market. Apart from the competitive factors, people pay more attention to the huge potential of China's industrial market and how to develop it. At the beginning of the 21st century, such a slogan was put forward in the European and American automobile industry - it is a competitor as well as a competitor. As Shi Yuan, China's regional manager, said, "every fixture brand's products can survive and develop in the market, there will be its reason. Every product has its own characteristics and has its own different customer groups." It is with this understanding of competition and market that after successfully completing a project and obtaining the recognition of customers, it is likely that more projects will follow. However, not all projects are suitable for Hamberg. In Shi Yuan's words, "we must see the advantages of peer brand products. There are many processes in a project, not every process is suitable for Hamberg's products. By optimizing the combination with other brands, customers can get the most perfect processing scheme."

for Hamberg, the clamping head combined with vulcanized rubber and steel is the biggest selling point of its fixture products. The intervention of rubber material not only solves the problem of deformation, but also can play the role of shock absorption when processing; On the other hand, it can prevent the processing iron filings from entering the fixture body, and the iron filings are the most likely to lose the service life and accuracy of the fixture

take Zhejiang Province in the East China market as an example. Because of the vitality of the market economy, people's ideas are also changing and updating. There are many processing plants here who have different understanding of the future upgrading and transformation from other regions. After contacting with many manufacturers, Shi Yuan expressed his admiration for the foresight of some manufacturers. "People are bold in investing in new equipment. Hanberg's high-end fixture products and technical services are welcomed in the processing market in this region."

at present, the professional production plants in Chinese Mainland are developing rapidly, but there are still some deficiencies in the development of specialization. Having investigated the history of the machine tool industry at home and abroad, Yuanyuan has different views on this: "comparatively speaking, the machine tool equipment of domestic main engine plants and foreign main engine plants are not much different, but there are still great deficiencies in processing management and operation level, and fixture tooling is a very important part." Shi Yuan and Dr. Yuan Hua, who will replace traditional thermosetting foaming materials, have the same view on fixtures

at present, hanberg's customers are mainly OEMs and end users of machine tool functional component manufacturers. In order to understand the whole machine tool, cooperation with machine tool manufacturers is a very important part. However, end users and machine tool manufacturers are inseparable. Because the price of hanberg products is higher than that of domestic products, which need to use materials with reasonable cost, they only rarely cooperate with domestic machine tool manufacturers to increase the friction with and spindle bushings. The cooperation with domestic machine tool plants mostly specifies Hamberg fixtures for end customers. It mainly cooperates with machine tool manufacturers in Germany, Taiwan and South Korea

in the face of the future trend of automatic processing, robots will be the protagonist of the market in the next 10 years, robots with various devices will be more and more prominent, and the fixtures that dance with them will be an indispensable part. Taking the first half of 2012 as an example, the cooperation between hanberg and robot company has been increasing. When automatic loading and unloading, the old-fashioned fixture can no longer meet the increasingly automated market, and the advantage of hanberg's large deformation of clamping diameter is particularly obvious

the working range and high precision of Hamberg millimeter can meet the processing requirements of reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency in the future

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