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Special printing: combination party in packaging

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with the intensification of market competition and the arrival of the era of consumer personalization, the standardized, mass and unitary packaging mode in the industrial era has become obsolete, and differentiated management has become the choice of many enterprises, especially medium and high-end enterprises. Packaging has naturally become one of the first-choice magic weapons for many businesses to make efforts to attract the attention of consumers. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the growth of various professional needs, special printing technology has developed unprecedentedly, penetrating into all fields of packaging and printing, thus forming a huge market space, which makes us not only have the driving force that most of the products from customers are concentrated in low-end user demand, but also have the reserves of various special technologies and processes and the internal drive to open up new space in market competition, It is necessary and possible for us to blaze a new path in the selection and combination of special paper technology, special ink and special materials, and stand out in the industry

new stunt of cosmetics label printing

due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be both protective, functional and decorative. Neglect of any aspect may affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cosmetics packaging. In various stores, which brand can "jump" out of many brands to attract consumers first, and "capture" their eyeballs is enough to seize a larger market share. Therefore, cosmetics businesses' love for packaging, attention and continuous innovation will also provide us with new business opportunities

the traditional printing method of cosmetics labels is mainly silk printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Now most of them have turned to self-adhesive labels, and the demand for film label materials is also growing rapidly. At the same time, the technical content is also getting higher and higher. The single pattern that used to be printed on the bottle in the form of silk can now get beautiful color effects through offset printing, flexo printing and other printing methods. Due to the particularity and difference of the shape of cosmetics, there are many irregular curved shapes, so the requirements for the material of the label are very high, and the label is required to fit well with the bottle body on cosmetics, and there are no bubbles and no warping. What mass industrial production requires is automatic labeling, which requires very good labeling. These contradict the requirements of customers for thin and soft labels. How to coordinate the two needs joint research and development by all parties

at present, label printing enterprises are relatively small, the specialization division of labor is not clear, the investment is scattered, the technology, price and service are in disorder competition, the label printing lacks industry organization, and the information flow between each other in the industry is not smooth. These are the bottlenecks that hinder the development of cosmetic packaging label printing. It is urgent to integrate and improve the scale and specialization level of the whole industry, including the integration of technology, equipment and manufacturers

in the new process of cosmetic label printing, in mold labeling not only has a good anti-counterfeiting function, which can achieve the effect of integrating the bottle body and printing like silk printing, but also has no broken difference between the label edge and the bottle body, and there is no possibility of traditional label warping and blistering. The cost required is not higher than that of traditional labels. It is a new labeling technology with great potential. However, since it is impossible to change the label after the packaging containers labeled in the mold are produced, which has an impact on the production flexibility, which requires manufacturers to have accurate sales forecasts for products. At present, there are not many cosmetic manufacturers in China that have reached this level, which limits the development of in mold labeling. However, due to its incomparable advantages over ordinary labels, in mold labeling, together with double-sided labels, film labels, ultra transparent labels, etc., will be the development trend of label printing for medium and high-end cosmetics and even other products in the future

stereoscopic printing, opening up new fields

stereoscopic printing has the characteristics of strong stereoscopic sense and realism, rich layers, good gloss, bright colors, and not easy to fade. Thanks to the rapid development of computer software technology in recent years, professional stereo image software can be used to directly process plane pictures into stereo images, which is more convenient and advanced than the previous stereo photography technology

stereoscopic printing is particularly prominent in stationery decoration, from rulers and stationery boxes to the covers of various notebooks and folders, to calendars, desk calendars, postcards, and even mouse pads, playing cards, etc. In particular, some commonly used children's stationery, because three-dimensional printing meets the curiosity psychology of children, is more popular with children

in addition, window advertisements, billboards, cigarette and alcohol anti-counterfeiting, food, drugs, cosmetics and other daily necessities are fertile ground for the survival and development of stereoscopic printing

at present, both the development of related technology and market demand have provided good support for the development of stereoscopic printing, and stereoscopic printing has entered a new period of development opportunities. In terms of technology, professional software has entered the field of stereoscopic printing, but ordinary image software is still popular. Some professional software has been well known in the field of stereoscopic printing, and some large-scale stereoscopic printing enterprises in China have begun to use it. But generally speaking, ordinary image software (such as Photoshop) is still favored by most stereoscopic printing enterprises. Although there are factors that professional software is expensive, it is more a "nostalgia complex" in terms of technology dependence. It is unwilling to give up the familiar technology and to try and learn the cutting-edge technology, which is exactly the taboo of innovation. The author believes that for enterprises who are interested in becoming industry leaders in this field, they must keep up with cutting-edge technologies, and constantly update and upgrade while maintaining technological continuity, so as to show their unique personality in differentiation, so as to win the favor of customers, occupy the high-end market and strive for the position of the first batch of entrants, so as to "harvest" the huge profits brought by the dominant advantage for enterprises

in terms of printing equipment, with the application and continuous maturity of UV technology, many equipment manufacturers have launched various types of UV offset printing machines. At the same time, the innovation of offset printing equipment has greatly promoted the development of three-dimensional printing. Printing plastic sheets with offset printing machine is no longer a problem, and printing directly on the grating can be realized. Therefore, the production efficiency of three-dimensional printing is greatly improved, and the product accuracy is adequately guaranteed

in terms of environmental protection, especially since the establishment of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for 30 years, the production and sales of experimental machines across the country need to be paid attention to. Both at home and abroad, legislation is being tightened on environmental protection issues. The safety and health of stationery, food packaging, children's toys and other vertical printing products that directly contact consumers have received extensive attention, such as the three-dimensional small cards previously packed in instant noodles bags, which were once deeply popular with children, However, due to food safety and hygiene problems, it has been limited. As for accepting foreign orders, it is more necessary to improve the process and materials to ensure green and environmental protection, so as to comply with the laws of European and American countries. Environmental protection concerns almost all consumables in stereoscopic printing, including grating materials, inks, papers, adhesives, etc. To be non-toxic and harmless, the production cost will naturally increase. However, enterprises should realize that making environmental protection products is the fundamental way out, otherwise, they will be the first out in the future industry reshuffle

stereoscopic printing has a promising market prospect and can have great development in some new fields. Three dimensional and four-dimensional animation printing can get dynamic pictures by changing the observation angle. If the printed three-dimensional printing is called three-dimensional space printing, and then the dynamic factors are added, a new four-dimensional animation printing can be produced, which is more novel. At present, large-scale three-dimensional printing light box advertising is rare, but in fact, there have been many attempts in the advertising industry. Because large format advertising printing has high requirements for grating and ink, the production cost is too high, and it has not been accepted by general light box advertisers. The light box advertising market is highly competitive, and advertisers must come up with some new and more attractive forms to attract customers. Therefore, the research and development in this area is very valuable. If the technology is strictly controlled to produce exquisite three-dimensional prints, and at the same time, the cost is relatively reduced to the psychological line that customers can accept, it will first be favored by some high-end customers. If a breakthrough in technology and technology can be made, the cost can be greatly reduced, and it is very likely to become the mainstream form of light box advertising. In addition, the imaging technology of stereo printing itself is equivalent to the anti-counterfeiting method of optical encryption, which can not be simply copied and imitated like ordinary printed matter. If this technology is applied to the anti-counterfeiting marks of tobacco, alcohol, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, drugs and other products, it will add another line of defense against counterfeiting

pharmaceutical packaging and printing, business opportunities for upgrading

the opening up of the pharmaceutical industry has triggered a new round of competition in the pharmaceutical industry. There is a big gap between the packaging of pharmaceutical products in China and developed countries. In terms of printing, it is mainly manifested in the low level of packaging quality, insufficient attention to environmental protection and safety in label anti-counterfeiting, materials and printing processing

drugs are special commodities to prevent and treat diseases and ensure people's health. However, it is shocking that various reports about fake drugs cheating people often appear in the media, and the packaging anti-counterfeiting means of most drugs in China are relatively simple. Some of them only stick the anti-counterfeiting label on the outer packaging box, and do not use more advanced technology in the manufacturing and printing of the box, which objectively also provides convenience for counterfeiters. In Germany, there are nearly ten anti-counterfeiting methods on a small medicine box, such as micro text, gravure printing technology and other anti-counterfeiting signs that can be recognized by the naked eye, as well as anti-counterfeiting signs that can be seen only with special methods

from the perspective of pharmaceutical packaging and printing materials, according to the barrier performance requirements of drugs on packaging materials and the packaging form of drugs, and taking into account the transparency, aesthetics, convenience of taking drugs, economy and other factors, the main commonly used at present are: pharmaceutical glass packaging, although affected by the high energy consumption, high pollution, high cost and low profit of traditional glass container manufacturing, Plastic containers have replaced medical glass containers in many ways, but because of the unique properties of glass, it is still the main packaging containers for injections, infusion, alcohol and medicinal liquor in the aspect of drug packaging; For pharmaceutical rubber packaging, natural rubber has unstable chemical properties and has been included in the list of obsolete products. Butyl rubber stopper has good sealing performance and is increasingly used in powder packaging such as antibiotics; Medicinal metal packaging is mainly used as aluminum caps for powder injection packaging, bottle bodies of pastes and aerosols, and medicinal aluminum foil for aluminum plastic blister packaging. Aluminum plastic composite caps have been increasingly accepted by the market because of their convenient opening, safe and hygienic use; Pharmaceutical composite packaging has strong comprehensive advantages and incomparable advantages over other materials. Although it will cause certain harm to the environment, it has been widely welcomed, and has partially replaced the packaging of glass infusion bottles and other materials. Among them, plastic aluminum composite packaging is due to printing

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