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Plastics and automobile: the combination of the two industries brings olive branch to both sides

under the general trend of automobile lightweight development, with the advantages of low cost, flexible design, chemical resistance, and aesthetics, plastics have become the right-hand assistant of automobile manufacturers, and automotive plastics have gradually expanded in the global range. With the growth of the automobile industry, enterprises expand in various fields of automobile, which drives the demand of the plastic market. Plastics have shaped the future of the automotive industry, while the automotive industry has boosted the plastic market. The fit between the two industries has become increasingly close, and the combination of the two has handed an olive branch to the development and progress of both sides

plastics shape the future of the automotive industry

it is estimated that if the dead weight of a car is reduced by 10%, the fuel consumption will be reduced by 6% - 8%, and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 5% - 6%. Therefore, in energy conservation and emission reduction, automobile lightweight has become the development trend of the industry, and plastic materials with low density characteristics have become an effective way to reduce the weight of the car body

among auto parts of the same size, plastic products can generally reduce the quality by 30% - 40% compared with steel, which has a quite obvious lightweight advantage. In addition, plastic materials have the advantages of large design space, low manufacturing cost and wide range of functions. Taking many factors into consideration, plastic has a considerable effect on shaping the future of the automotive industry

thermoplastic TPU

two thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products of Huntsman are promoting the transformation of the transportation mode of auto parts, saving a lot of time and money for OEM and auto manufacturers. The use of these two TPUs makes the relevant products durable, with a service life of up to 5 years, while significantly reducing the risk of product damage caused by abnormal use

poly's total industrial output value and total sales have reached more than 50billion yuan. Flexproducts (hereinafter referred to as "PFP") is a manufacturer of professional gaskets located in the United States. At present, it is using two wear-resistant TPU products under the brands of Huntsman irogran and Avalon to significantly improve the performance and prolong the service life of its customized pallets, containers, nesting boxes and shelves. After switching to TPU products, PFP company's liner products are guaranteed to be durable, with a service life of up to 5 years, and at the same time, the risk of damage to the liner caused by abnormal use is greatly reduced, resulting in low error to the experimental machine

engineering plastics

briankrull, global innovation director of Magna International exterior trim, the world's third largest auto parts supplier, said that design and materials, especially high-performance plastics and composites, will shape the future of the automotive industry. It has to be said that this gives plastics a high evaluation

without engineering plastics, the road of automobile lightweight will be extremely difficult. Just as other manufacturing technologies proposed by Krull are related to the integration of parts, the number and weight of parts can be reduced by "using chopped carbon fiber reinforced composites and secondary compression molding of metals to achieve mass production", such as in mold assembly. Flexible "deformable" surfaces and aerodynamic surfaces, together with movable components, will ensure high performance while ensuring functionality. Without engineering plastics, it will become impossible to realize the freedom of automobile modeling, maintain or improve the performance and structural strength. High performance plastics and composites can create unlimited opportunities

carbon fiber reinforced series ICF plastics

akro-plastic company's new carbon fiber reinforced series ICF plastics based on PA6, pa6.6, PPA, semi aromatic pa6.6 (akroloy) and other carbon fiber content is about 10% to 40%. In addition to the high modulus and high specific strength of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic, ICF products also have significant advantages such as easy molding and low cost

icf series products have been applied to chassis, interior decoration, exterior decoration, engine periphery and various functional structural parts of automobiles. The clutch pedal of BMW using AKRO carbon fiber reinforced material is one of the successful cases. The carbon fiber content of this part is about 1. The use of transfer boxes, cage cars and other equipment is 0%. Water assisted injection molding is adopted, which reduces the weight by 10%. The material stiffness, destructive force and other mechanical properties are more excellent. Due to the lightweight innovation of this part, it won the industry award speatomotiveaward2015

pst: realize super strong adhesion between plastic and metal

in order to realize the adhesion between plastic and metal with ultra-high adhesion strength in the process of injection molding, AKRO plastic and German plasma company have successfully cooperated to develop a new system solution PST (plasma sealtight) in the past two years. As a partner, AKRO plastic, a plastic particle manufacturer, has specially developed a mixture for this plasma technology to make its chemical composition match the plasma bonding promotion layer

at present, the development of this new technology has entered the component-based project development stage with the participation of plastic parts processors in electronics, automotive and other sub industries

automobile industry boosts the plastic market

plastic materials play an immeasurable role in the development of lightweight automobile industry. Not only that, plastic has advantages of large design space, low manufacturing cost and wide range of functions. Therefore, with the continuous breakthroughs in technology, the application of automotive plastic products is gradually increasing

from car exterior trim (rear bumper, car headlamp shell, car trim strip, rear-view mirror, handle, fender, etc.) to car interior trim (central control rear shell, cup holder, seat decorative side plate, airbag upper cover, panel, upper instrument panel, decorative box, central channel guard, storage box, gearbox, etc.), from functional parts to structural parts, plastic materials can be said to be everywhere. With the improvement of technology, Even the emergence of all plastic body, plastic products in the automotive industry can be described as more and more extensive coverage, which has greatly boosted the plastic market

conclusion of the author:

with the progress of science and technology, the plastic industry and the automotive industry have been combined, and the combination has become more harmonious and closer. At present, the application industries in China, Japan and India are developing rapidly, and the demand for automotive industry in China, India, Taiwan and South Korea is growing, which has stimulated the consumption of automotive plastics. Therefore, the Asia Pacific region has become the largest market for automotive plastics, and may show the highest increase in the forecast period. Data show that the Asia Pacific region dominates the global automotive plastic market, accounting for more than 55% of the global automotive plastic demand in 2016. Europe, including Germany, Italy and France, has become the second largest market for automotive plastics, and North America is the third largest consumer market. Under the stimulation of large demand, plastics can be said to be the hot pastry of the automotive industry. The plastic industry and the automobile industry promote each other, so that experts at the pre meeting pointed out that the two industries have achieved the best state of win-win situation step by step

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