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The combination of online and offline is more in line with the characteristics of the cabinet industry. The rise of e-commerce has become a hot topic among people in various industries. Recently, several major domestic e-commerce companies have been constantly dividing and scraping the market to compete for this huge cake. Cabinet manufacturers naturally do not want to lag behind, but also want to share a piece of cake in the market. Can cabinet merchants walk out of the misunderstanding of low price promotion and mutual suppression? How to get rid of the shackles of traditional sales mode? For example, the friction inside aerospace machinery is high load work under the extreme temperature of vacuum state? At the kitchen space theme forum of the annual meeting of the kitchen and bathroom Engineering Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association recently, the guests said that everything has two sides. The rise of e-commerce has brought both development opportunities and impacts to the cabinet industry. The combination of online and offline transactions is more in line with the characteristics of the cabinet industry

The era of shopping has come.

shopping has changed people's consumption habits, and shopping has become a trend. The home furnishing industry has long coveted the fruits of the hot sales of products in clothing, digital and other industries. With the fierce competition in the traditional market and the sudden rise of e-commerce, cabinet products, as a part of them, are inevitably impacted

Yi Shaoping, general manager of Wuhan Yixin cabinet, pointed out in his speech that the greatest charm of the network is that it can cut costs by 10% - 30%. At present, the main sales channels of building materials and household products are hypermarkets represented by red star Macalline and incredibly home. These hypermarkets are expanding rapidly, not only occupying the mainstream position in the first tier cities, but also expanding to the second and third tier cities. In recent years, the rent of hypermarkets has become more and more expensive, and manufacturers have been a little difficult to cope with, but they still bite the bullet and spend a lot of money to grab a good position and decorate, waiting for the increase in the flow of people in the hypermarkets to get a return. "After entering the store, cabinet manufacturers will at least invest hundreds of thousands of yuan in the store, and more may invest 1million yuan or even more. After so much money is invested, cabinet manufacturers have to insist in the store." Yi Shaoping said

the traditional promotion method has high cost and slow effect, while the network promotion method is becoming more and more popular with cabinet merchants because of its low cost and accurate target customers. Wu Shifeng, chairman of Yubang cabinet, pointed out that through the Internet, businesses can find customers everywhere in one place, and can accurately release the enterprise's products, services, integrity, reputation and other information to customers

it is unrealistic to rely solely on the Internet

although insiders hold a positive attitude towards entering e-commerce, it has always been a controversial topic to buy large items such as cabinets on the Internet. In recent years, although most cabinet enterprises have opened stations to display products and provide purchase services, many enterprises are in a state of superficial taste, and the real sales still depend on the store approach. Some analysts pointed out that digital products, cosmetics, clothing and other small items are suitable for purchase, while when buying large household appliances and furniture, customers usually need to look at the physical object and measure the size before buying home. Therefore, most of the building materials and household products sold on the market are mainly accessories or standardized finished products, and the e-commerce performance of products such as cabinets that need to be customized and have a large volume is not good

in a large home shopping mall near the West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, a consumer who came to buy cabinet and bathroom home products told that, due to consumption habits, when buying furniture, he generally went to the scene to watch and choose in person, "furniture is not like those small commodities with low price and light weight, which have no portability of transportation, exchange and return". He said that small, foldable and highly standardized furniture is especially suitable for outdoor environments. You can consider placing an order on the table and delivering it to your home through logistics or express delivery. Large furniture such as cabinet products also need to be "held in hand and touched in person", and be careful in choosing

in addition, some experts pointed out that with the continuous emergence of e-commerce, if the relationship between online transactions and offline transactions is not handled well, it will not only affect the economic interests of dealers, but also bring negative effects to the brand reputation. Since most cabinet enterprises operate directly or through dealer agency, e-commerce will have a certain impact on regional dealers, one of the more prominent problems is pricing. Because the cabinet enterprises basically choose the traditional agent management mode, if the price of e-commerce is lower than that of the original channel providers, it is bound to affect the interests of channel providers, thus causing contradictions between enterprises and channel providers

oto mode should be promoted

for Chinese people, home decoration is often a process of "painting a dream", so it is obviously impossible for consumers to place an order with just a few pictures. To materialize the ideas of consumers, cabinet enterprises need an overall solution

Wu Shifeng believes that cabinet products should be recommended to customers in the simplest, most modern and easiest way, "what color to change into, what countertop to install, and what effect can easily cause white pollution. Because customers are not professionals, we should let them see and feel". This is the Oto mode (short for online to offline), which is "online to offline". The purpose is to bring online consumers to real stores for online display, so that online users can choose products that are more suitable for their own equipment to trade

he pointed out that the characteristic of oto mode is product communication through network technology. "In the new economic model, the process of buying products is the same. For example, if we want to buy iPhone, why don't we buy it? We can only buy it after seeing and touching it.". Wu Shifeng believes that oto is a virtuous cycle model, which can allocate network marketing personnel to direct stores and franchise stores, and customers can sign contracts in the store after selecting them. Through the franchise store and direct store system, the "online to offline" mode is adopted to realize the cycle of entity and virtualization, value and demand, which can make up for the shortcomings brought by relying solely on online sales

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