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The combination of packaging design and interior design consciousness

Interior design is an activity that human beings create and improve the quality of their living environment. Interior design is a branch of architecture and art design. It is one of the most integrated branches of art and Design University! As we all know, the indoor environment is a specific space, in which we learned to communicate sincerely, learn to be sincere with each other, and understand the society. In fact, the indoor environment is no longer a simple space container. The random division of fixed space is abstracted as "spiritual function" in the process of commercialization of indoor space, which is explained by terms such as "space atmosphere", "space interest" and "space personality". Create an indoor space environment with visual pleasure and cultural connotation, so that people who live in high civilization and lack human care in modern society can get a temporary balance in physiology and spirit, that is, the problem of high-tech and human emotion excavation in the design of indoor space environment, which is the mutual balance between material and spiritual aspects, science and art, physiological requirements and psychological requirements. This is a problem of space art quality and an element to measure the life of interior design. Shaping this kind of life requires constantly strengthening the reference and renewal of consciousness

the University of interior design and art design needs the leader of "packaging design consciousness"

people form a society and are well known. Society is divided into different social forms according to different understandings. 6. It is the era of knowledge economy to stop experimental explosion. In this era, we like to treat design from the perspective of market economy. There is no doubt that design is the barometer of economy. Economists tell us that commodities are the driving force of the economy. From ancient times to the present, we are used to suing the exchange of design coats as "real goods", whose purpose is to enhance the attractiveness of goods and speed up the process of trading. As a result, we are used to talking about commodities and packaging. This concept is deeply rooted, and many people also think it is bad, but I don't think it's a bad thing. In my opinion, we should continue to strengthen, but we should strengthen guidance. It takes far more effort to make a new idea deeply rooted in the hearts of the people than to eliminate the original idea. How wonderful it is to integrate the new idea with the old idea and inherit the courage of filling new wine with old pots. Many friends in the academic circles will not object to the stretching speed: stretching from 100mm/min to breaking the record. The tension packaging design consciousness is to realize the unity of commodity value and packaging cultural connotation. The packaging consciousness is definitely not something made by illegal businessmen in the 1990s with low-cost high-end packaging and high sales price. What is design? In my opinion, it is the coat of goods. This coat is packaging. Now art colleges and universities divide design into several disciplines and fix the packaging consciousness in a certain direction. In fact, they do not realize the golden mean of design growth. If they refine a certain direction too much, it will make design lame and partial. It is the common aspiration of all branches of art and design to introduce the concept of marketing into art and design today, that is, to automatically remember the maximum pressure and maximum deformation depth, to pay attention to the beauty of human nature, to achieve the harmonious unity of society and nature, and to realize civilized civilization. Today, with the rapid economic growth, material and culture begin to become rich. Various designs embodied in commodities, such as advertising design, industrial modeling design, graphic design and so on, are miscellaneous. They are all packaging commodities, reflecting the value and grade of commodities. Realize the satisfaction of customers' purchasing psychology

modern goods include specific goods and services. The result of interior design is also a kind of commodity, which divides small space and decorative space in the space of actual existence, with the purpose of realizing the owner of this fixed space, realizing the environment in his heart, reflecting the owner's material and survival pursuit, the melting of ideal and reality, the packaging owner's psychological pursuit of space, and the packaging owner's joys and sorrows. Packaging design consciousness enables interior designers to better understand the role of interior design, grasp the reality of the pursuit of beauty, grasp the value scale of design in art, and truly establish the owner's ambition and interest. And through efforts, with the intensive design of small expansion area, realize the economical application of energy and materials, protect the environment, and realize the sustainable development of interior design. Secondly, the introduction of packaging design consciousness into the field of interior design can improve the macro understanding of the whole design work building, enhance the mutual cognition between the design brother disciplines, promote the simplification and humanization of design theory, and finally realize the unification and healthy growth of each branch discipline within the major design discipline, and get rid of the disorder and unilateralism of the current design branch discipline construction

learning and applying packaging design character

the character of packaging lies in humanization, which dissolves human spirit into the design concept and design process. The personification of packaging is conducive to our understanding of the unique personality of various commodities, mutual understanding on the basis of equal communication established by modern people, and taking this way as the criterion of packaging design. In packaging design, we see that "honesty" and "reality" should run through the whole process of packaging. All the information it conveys, the style it pursues, the personality it reflects, and even the sense of humor it may have, only products that are "sincere" and "real" can obtain consumers' "treat each other sincerely" in the market. This kind of "treat each other sincerely" in packaging design is dedicated. Modern packaging design should not only consider many problems of protecting commodities, but also appease consumers' psychology and many other problems. This kind of dual-purpose packaging design concept can be described as one mind dual-use, hard work and high success. The conduct of packaging design makes commodities move towards truth and sincerity, beauty and goodness, civilization and better service to human civilization! The high development of mankind makes the contradiction between man and nature more and more prominent, and the energy is gradually exhausted. Under this background, packaging design first applies the awareness of environmental protection design to its own design objects, and puts forward the design concept of "green packaging". In the process of unifying man and nature, the design is based on the wide application of renewable, degradable and recycled advanced scientific materials, Lead the design trend and take the lead in environmental protection design. In the process of building their own ideology, interior design makes themselves think too much about the decorative beauty of the interior environment and how to bring excess profits to the design enterprise. Realizing the profit goal of the enterprise is not a vision. This goal is based on high energy consumption and high waste. It ignores the humanized beauty of the interior environment and pays too much attention to the formal beauty of design. It seems beautiful, but it is divorced from reality. Many interior decoration accidents, we are soberly aware that many owners suffer from decoration syndrome due to decoration problems, which will seriously threaten the lives of consumers and owners. This mercenary consciousness must be broken, which is also a serious violation of the most basic design principles of art design. The purpose of design is to protect and cherish people first, and then realize people's need for beauty. It is the common goal of all design branches to protect and cherish people without human danger and to solve the conflict between the external environment and people. Interior design is not a simple reproduction of art, but a scientific art of expressing human nature. This art cannot be exchanged with blood and tears, but an expression and reproduction of the perfect combination of art and science. This design consciousness must run through the whole design process and follow-up services of interior design. Commodities need packaging, which injects human life into commodities. Interior design should also inherit the mission of packaging. Design serves life, packages life, and packages the soul of life. It is not to live a long life, but whether it can be disease-free and live, happy and healthy. After finishing this work, interior design should strengthen the rendering of natural affinity for space planning, so that people can feel the reality of nature in the indoor environment. Although people are far away from nature to some extent, they are still trying to get close to nature. The closer the relationship between nature and man is, the more we yearn for nature. We yearn for the beautiful Jiuzhaigou Valley, and the charming natural scenery will make people linger. But people who enjoy city life can't stay there forever. After a few days, the beauty will no longer be interesting! The reason why people want to approach nature in the way of tourism is that the role of tourism can arouse people's aftertaste of nature, recall the history of human resistance to nature, and the tension and oppression of urban society,. Modern packaging uses bamboo materials, wood shavings and reeds without artificial ingredients to design packaging visual objects, so that people can listen to the local accent and recall the ups and downs between nature and modern society. A good design does not necessarily use complex ingredients to create an atmosphere, but in the selection of materials according to local conditions, reasonably help owners to use the least money to construct space art, and the reproduction of space culture is not only psychological satisfaction, We should also combine this with the rational use of materials, reduce pollution, reflect the mood of free life, and realize the progress of environmental protection and beauty


for a comprehensive discipline, there are too many things involved. In addition to learning from the advanced achievements of other disciplines, we should also integrate the evolution process and development degree of each branch discipline within the University. The meaning of interior design is to create a fixed space environment with reasonable functions, comfort and beauty and meeting the needs of people's material and spiritual life by using material and technical means and artistic aesthetic principles according to the use nature, environment and corresponding standards of the building. This space environment should not only have use value and meet the corresponding functional requirements of the owner, but also reflect the historical heritage, architectural style, family atmosphere and other artistic factors. Successful packaging design mainly depends on two aspects: whether it can accurately convey the information of goods, and secondly whether it can spread the information very lively. This vivid way uses the principle of artistic aesthetics to reasonably transmit information to the outside, causing consumers' mental satisfaction. Compared with each other, these two disciplines are unified and not contradictory. The consciousness of packaging is fighting in the front line of design rapidly. Combining the consciousness of packaging design with the successful model of packaging design can not only educate and guide the conscious direction of interior design, but also accommodate the close relationship between brother disciplines. This is a good thing, which can't be better

Author: Zhang Jinli

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